I feel really bad for Youngji but I’m also really proud of her. She trained really hard to be in Kara and gained a lot of popularity from being on Roomate, only to be told two years later the group was disbanding. I don’t blame the other girls for not wanting to renew their contracts; they’ve put in a lot of time and energy into the group and they deserve to do their own thing. I just feel Youngji got the short end of the stick. Hell, I only just found out she released a song months ago. At the time I heard no type of publicity about it, not even as a former KARA member. I recently came across a video of her performing a couple of old KARA songs by herself in Japan. I’m not going to lie, it was a little weird seeing her do a bunch of OT5 songs solo. But I’m proud that she took on that responsibility to keep KARA’s memory alive, even if she wasn’t in the group for that long. She’s a strong girl and I wish her the best.


jb’s comment at yj’s post (sleeping jb (yj: “sweet nap”)): you said you’d post and immediately posted, admit it?
yj: yes, admit it.~~

yj’s comment at jb’s post: suddenly posting photo and copying me, admit it?


I’ve never seen female and male idols so comfortable and just having fun singing and dancing together like this, it’s honestly so refreshing. We need more co-ed groups but for that to happen you all have got to make sure K.A.R.D doesn’t flop