hoebi replied to your post:do you know what happened at one of the bts fanmeetings? the “incident” that caused the new rule for there to be no skinship?

First Sight (Jin fansite) was talking to Jungkook and “hit” him with paper, in a way that I think others took it as an assault and a form of violence towards idols. People took it seriously cause apparently she was a sasaeng of BTOB member before.

Here you are, anon! Thanks for the info, cutie ^^

(…also wtf…‘assault’? and she was a sasaeng of a btob member?..!)

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I know this is random~ but I just wanted to say how bloody brilliant and talented you are with your themes and graphics. :) (the LoL theme was just so amusing bc she waa my AP mid last season). Tysm for your hard work! Stay amazing & have a gr8 day!

Sorry for the late reply but thank you! ; ^ ; <3 Hope you have a great day too, sweetie~

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Those hobi gifs r unnecessary rn tbh, feelin attacked here - here for it anon 😳

Look, I’m sorry not really, but Hoebi, is a fuckboy. I’m sorry you were a casualty in the exposure, and had to learn the hard way. But it had to cum out eventually.


-Admin Monni xX

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when you get this, you must publicly post something nice about at least 5 different people you follow, then copy and paste this in each of their ask boxes. Check my blog to see what I said about you!

i’m cry i love you so much riaboo<33 taegi is <333 tho. those precious taegi moments even if it just the smallest teeniest interactions i adsjkjkdskf. and pls you ARE brilliant and amazing okay i love you ;3;

sugashu - zaday(or popularly known as gulletㅋㅋㅋ) is the ult bae tho! she is my everything and i share and talk to her about everything. she’s my precious ever and our love for cheesecake is so strong and solid lmao. zaday may seem intimidating but she has her soft girly cute side. (omg i’m dying i can’t continue) (jk) well yeah she thinks she’s ugly af but that is a lie! Pls you are very pretty and beautiful okay. zaday makes cute and amazing graphics. she’s very creative and she is a very good friend and i treasure her a lot. you know i love you ㅋㅋㅋ *wiggles*

victaeni - the other ult bae heuheu my rielle <33 you are so precious and i love you so much! we cry,laugh,and suffer bc of taehyung a lot. and we would even torture ourselves by sending gifs/edits that we make to each other via fanmail. we truly understand each other on a spiritual level. and we make each other suffer even more by sending gifs and pics of tae thru twitter OTL why are we doing this to ourself tho…r i p o« 

hoebi - ah my precious ilya <333 we’ve been friends since the very beginning and we went through a lot of ups and downs here with anons and what not. but hey look we are still standing strong and the best of friends ever. i love you so so much and i want you to know that you are very dear to me. i hope you’re doing well with school and cheerleading and stuffs. and if irrelevant people ever come to you again gurl just slice em up with your flips and wheels! show em who’s boss~ oh and please know that i’m always here for you if you ever need me <333 

mingloss - my aleks <33 the one who gave me a lot of encouragement and support when i was at my worst. i’m really grateful for all of the help you’ve given me. i couldn’t thank you more ;; you’re a really really great friend aleks <33 and please stop torturing me with gifs and pics of tae and his amazing profile bc i suffered enough from rielle OTL (jkjk just gimme more! muahaha) i love you so much it hurts ah my kokoro o«

ooyngi - and yes ofc jan! the cutest tho! i loveeeee talking to you and you make pretty pretty pretty gifs and thanks to you i’ve come to love lovelyz even more ㅋㅋㅋ i hope i can make my dream of meeting you become a reality tho heuheu you are a really good friend and i’m glad to have such friendship with you. i super love you tho!*sings teen top’s supa luv*  

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MONNI U N THEM TAGS GIRL... he does. He has really elegant hands w long, long fingers.. 😳 - down for it anon

FAM! He got nice hips too, don’t he? Hit all the right spots, if you know what I mean.. They move quite nicely when he dances…


-Admin Monni xX

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vkook, jungkooksarms, hoebi ?

vkook - They have a really nice blog~ Looks like they’re a writer too I’ll be sure to read later! ^^ Also who did they kill for that url cause wow!!! 

jungkooksarms - one of my cute mutuals that I love even though we’ve never talked! Makes super nice gifs too! 

hoebi - I don’t follow them but they’re blog looks nice! Seem’s to be all or mostly bangtan!