In radio ieri ho sentito questa canzone di @arisamusic ,ho pianto giusto quel poco per ricordare che sono un essere umano.
stasera, anche non conoscendo bene la canzone,sentivo il bisogno di cantarvi le mie emozioni e così eccoci qua .
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anonymous asked:

can you give more info on blue kids?

i’m not v good at writing about my characters unless i’m in a certain mood ha ha
but i’ll do my best!

this is kayoko!! her primary inspiration is sukeban deka!!
i really wanted to draw a tall girl .. she drinks a lot of milk
for awhile i was caught between giving her long and short hair but stuck with the long hair because i felt like it suited her better
she’s not very emotive and she’s actually really awkward

this is jinzaemon! he hates his old fashioned name and has a crush on kotaro minami! didn’t learn how to ride a bike before learning how to ride a motorcycle..? he’s very confrontational .. very rude… loud.. 

this is arisa!!
she went through a lot of hairstyle changes.. 
intially i’d planned for her to draw a lot of design inspiration from honey kisaragi and she had glasses but i got rid of them because i figure she might break them because she’s very active and energetic!

and finally theres akio ..!
he’s like a stereotypical big brother type… a good guy.. probably wandered into biker gang hangout by mistake but here he is .. 
his design gave me the most trouble .. 

sorry if this is a little vague !!
i plan to organize actual notes for my portfolio @__@;;!!
but for now ;;!

Regalerei ogni cosa che hai lasciato qui a casa
Il tuo ricordo, quello no, non so a chi darlo
E vorrei cancellarti dalla pelle
Spalancare le finestre
Fare come se non fossi mai passato di qui
—  Meglio Tardi Che Noi - Fedez & J-Ax ft. Arisa

hello tumblr :O

Starting to post series of photos of the people I went to Atlanta with! (Amazing…not a photo of Jenn haha) 

[also side note: IT SNOWED TODAY! Completely different weather from when these upcoming photos were taken…]

This is Anna! Got this girl into Lord of the Rings in a span of a few days through a LOTR movie marathon haha! Accomplishment.

- Arisa