edit: supearls

YG is rumored to have a half black trainee. I don’t think they deserve them and it makes me worried, especially with all the cultural appropriation and anti-black actions that have been happening and still continues to happen in yg. I feel like they’re going to use him/her as a prop and to show off how “cool” and “Hip” they are because now they have a black trainee. I really don’t trust it. I hope that the trainee gets lots of LOVE and SUPPORT from everyone. There is a lot anti-blackness that happens within this industry so I wish them BEST.

I got a strong feeling that once Supearls debuts; (Hopefully with Michelle Lee), K-pop would get an extreme facelift, especially if they end up becoming mega popular (Which is bound to happen since they’re under YG’s Label). With Crossed fingers; Other Entertainment companies (Big 3 in mind) just might turn to recruiting trainees of different nationalities and ethinicities, most likely those who are mixed-race. Just Maybe though.. ;)