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The thing about KHR is that you have to get through a lot of Initial Bullshit That Makes No Goddamn Sense Just Literally Crack On Speed On Acid With What Appears To Be Little To No Purpose, like—MAFIOSO BABIES (LEGIT BABIES) WHO ARE HOME TUTORS! INEPT TODDLER ASSASSINS! TSUNA IS ALWAYS SCREAMING ALL THE TIME ABOUT EVERYTHING! WHY IS HE NAKED AND ON FIRE? THERE IS NOT ENOUGH PLOT TO SUPPORT THIS ALREADY ENORMOUS AND STILL GROWING CAST! WHAT IS GOING ON? And like maybe you can push through the actually really very intense absurdity and maybe you can’t, idk, I failed out twice. I tried, I really tried and I was pissed off about it because there was a lot of fanfiction I wanted to read, but I wasn’t going to spend 1-5 hours downloading illegal fansubs on my then-very-shitty internet connection to watch something that inspired SUCH secondhand embarrassment it was like the mental and emotional representation of nails on a chalkboard.

Anyway, I forgot about it and then in like idk 2009-10ish I decided I was going to try again because goddamn it I still wanted to read all that fanfiction only this time I had better internet and didn’t have to download anything because anime streaming sites were now everywhere so I sat the fuck down and pushed through with literally gritted teeth, hovering constantly over the back button, slowly unclenching by degrees when it got to the kokuyu arc because hey it’s a fucking ARC! Finally! but still not convinced and listen this is going to sound dumb but I had never seen a single gif or screenshot or fanart of 72!tsuna at this point so when he did the thing:

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It was a revelation. I was like OH! OHHHHHHHHHHHHH! OKAY. Because listen. I am shallow and I don’t see anything wrong with being shallow when it comes to My Personal Entertainment Choices, and 72!tsuna is super duper pretty. But also, finally some MEAT, some INTRIGUE, something OTHER than angry naked yelling and I was HOOKED!!! And the rest of the series is actually really really good, like the succession arc (my fave) made me cry and squeak at least 1000x each and KHR! still has the dubious honor of being the only (ostensibly) battle-based anime where I just coo endless embarrassing nonsense at the fighters during fights, I have called people “sweet baby” and “precious darling” while they are bleeding and hitting/cutting/blowing up other people.

So like listen if you are maybe sorta interested in a series about a dumb boy with a big heart who steadfastly refuses his “destiny” even as every step he takes brings him closer to it, but on HIS terms, then give this a shot because damn I hate having no one to talk about my old fandoms with.

Also it is very very pretty sometimes and will make your heart hurt in the BEST ways like a lot.

Welcome to the KHR! Fanfiction Archive

Hello everyone!

This is a brand new KHR! fic archive for works hosted on Tumblr, although it will definitely include works from AO3 and even FF.net as well. I’ve set up most of the blog but hopefully, people should be able to submit works either as links or directly, and once posts start coming in there’ll be a proper tagging page too. 

I decided to make this because, given how… “ambiguous” the fandom’s activity and size can be sometimes, it’s common for people’s work to ‘disappear’ or get lost. And it can be very discouraging for writers to have their efforts not recognized, especially for something they care about. Therefore to help fellow writers out, I set up this blog as a hub for writers and readers alike in the fandom, to have any and all work created on Tumblr gathered in one main place. Hopefully that would prove useful!

Though, I do need some other people to help me out with managing the blog and running it and all; if you’re interested, please feel free to message me through ask or IM here or at my main blog, @autolykos, and I’ll send you the mod application form!

In the meantime, reblogs are appreciated! ;v;

  • Levi: Hey Bel. I've got a joke for you.
  • Bel: A joke? I thought you were boring as fuck! I’m listening.
  • Levi: Aight. Why did the chicken cross the road?
  • Bel: Why?
  • Levi: To get to the idiot's house.
  • Levi: Knock knock.
  • Bel: Hah... Who’s there?
  • Levi: The chicken.
  • Bel: You have 3 seconds.
  • Yamamoto: Oops, I just sneezed and liked your post, haha sorry.
  • Hibari: And commented ‘damn daddy’ on several pictures of me.
  • Yamamoto: I have the flu?
  • Hibari: No, you don't.
  • Yamamoto: *breaks out in a sprint down the halls*