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1 Year with Highlight .
8 Years with Legends.

Happy Anniversary to Kpop Industry’s most beloved boys. Despite all the sadness in the past, you have rewarded us with immense joy and celebration this year (more than we ever imagined). You have proved to us consistently that you will constantly reach for new galaxies no matter what comes your way. You are our Light. You are our inspiration.

Your rookie spirit is alive. Your Sunbae-nim status is valid. Let’s stay together for a long time and conquer all that comes our way.


Addressing bluethepaladin: A master post.

This post, has been needed to be long said, after a couple months of just waiting it out. bluethepaladin is a 22 year old adult woman who runs a voltron blog, with a Lance icon, at the moment. What, I’m going to talk about in this post, is the extremely crappy things they have done to me and my friends. Mind the fact we are all minors, and what she has done has ranged from talking behind backs, and saying ableist things. More under the cut, if you really want to know.  

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Phil checking Dan out.