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Bestiary - Lord Woolsley

“As you’ve wandered, have you by any chance seen a ram that is, um, different?  Lord Woolsley wandered off, and he’s very special.  If you could find him, I’d be most grateful.”

What makes your ram so special?”

“Well he’s always brought the family luck, and his advice helped us make our fortune.”

“Your ram offered advice?”

“He’s a very special ram”


bungou stray dogs week || day 2: timeless

↳  Option B: The comparison of a character’s past and present

Buraiha trio: Oda Sakunosuke, Sakaguchi Ango & Dazai Osamu


…something like that might work

Morganthe's End - edited animatic audio
  • Morganthe's End - edited animatic audio
  • CubanCracker62

So I had some time to kill, a sound editing program, and a lot of raw audio files at my disposal…

I decided that I might want to make an animatic reproducing the final boss scene, but realized that I had no proper audio for it, nor did any exist on the internet. So I decided to fiddle with the game’s files, pull out what I needed, and make my own. I may do another in the future with Baba Yaga, editing this alone was extremely fun to do :D

Disclaimer: I do NOT own any of the audio. I merely edited it together to reproduce the final boss scene without any other sounds getting mixed in (i.e. footsteps). I do not profit off these in any way.

I chatted with @mhizz-veraspberry about a certain thing (tho lets be real, half of our conversations consist of spicy TDOOS memes), and I was wondering if I could make it an actual thing. It’s pretty much a way to prevent me from getting bored whenever I can’t type the fic, ahaha.

Basically; people (anons or not) can send state a random object/certain topic (via the ask box) just to see how the Altmatsus react to it. (Mhizzy sent me a pic of Cow Totty, and the Altmatsus basically reacted to it as if it was an actual cow.)

I don’t even know, I’m just looking for a way to kill time, pffft.

Edit; It’s called “The Altmatsus and A Thing”.