edit someone different

Adverbs aren’t evil; said isn’t dead
Please stop hitting the wall with your head

Active is grand but not always the best
Sometimes it’s passive that passes the test

Some write with style, others write plain
Let’s all agree that writing’s a pain

The ‘rules’ can be broken, twisted, or bent
All that matters is that you are content

Make your own story and write your own way
This has been a writer’s PSA


all the boys // panic! at the disco


S2E2 vs. S2E14


“I swear Naruto if you get one scratch on him…”

“Oh calm down Sasuke! I won’t drop him. Besides, look how much fun he’s having.”

Interacting with Fans (Calum)

-going on coffee dates and waving to fans on the way

-“Look at this edit someone tweeted me!”

-Sharing different fan art

-“Cal, we should do a meetup!”

-Helping Calum organize a small meet up

-Finding accounts begging to be noticed by Calum, and showing them to him

-Doing follow sprees with Calum

-Going on YouNow all the time

-Starting up a small vlog channel

-“So we’re going to try and do weekly videos!”

-Spending a Saturday night in, cuddling on the couch and replying to YouTube comments together

-Smiling up at your boy because you know he’s shy but despite it, he makes an effort to interact with fans and you love it.