edit so i did one similar


Since I can draw similar to the dr style, as an experiment, I drew two sprites for them~ The default one, and an edit of that default one.
I focused on trying to make them look as close as the official things and they took me more time because of that -and because it takes me more time to draw an ok hand. I usually skip that part-, so now I don’t think it would be a good idea to do more (I want to tho)—
I wanted to draw Misaki’s eyes more similar to the manga version but I couldn’t make it look good so I just went with those.
I did everything here except for the shadows in their suits because, as I said before, I can’t do that kind of shadows. I had to copy those from Byakuya and Kotoko/Akane.


I did this picture of anti-jacksepticeye and I hope you like it @therealjacksepticeye . I think this on my phone, took a little longer Idk. But it was a great experience! This was done one my phone And if you wanna know the application it’s ibis paint X and it’s free! It allows you to record your progress and edits it for you! I’m doing a couple more similar to this it’s, so be on the look out! And please do not repost without my permission. Thank you!

The “Spring Day” MV is so pretty omg. So many questions though.

Why was Jimin so sad in that one scene on the train where Hoseok patted him on the knee?

And what was up with that scene where Jungkook was running with the rest of Bangtan but was also in the train that passed in front of them?

What’s up with the big pile of clothes?

Did the director make that scene where they were throwing the food and partying it up similar to that party scene with the bathtub in the run mv on purpose?

Will BTS ever stop running?

How did Armys make edits and gifs of the mv already?

I need answers!

Appreciation: Quinx Squad
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@generator-sex you tagged me a few days ago so I came off of mobile to write this up Properly. (I’m pretty sure I did one veeeery similar but whatever)

Nickname: Riri, The Queen of Procrastination, Toast, Stew, etc. The last two are long stories don’t ask lol

Zodiac sign: Pisces 

Height: taller in the morning and shorter in the evening. (5'1" lol)  

Last thing I googled: what Zuko’s swords were called because I f o r g o t and I felt bad for that lol

Favorite Musical Artist: None tbh idk too many so :/

Song stuck in my head: None currently!! :D

Last movie I watched: Monty Python and the Holy Grail, for the first time!! I’m a little miffed and it gave me a headache, but it’s probably because of the events leading up to it, not the actual movie. 

What are you wearing right now: pink pants that I got when I turned 10 that still fits and my old middle school PE t-shirt. That also fits. I’m small. Also these are my pjs lol

What do you post: well I reblog: voltron, haikyuu!!, generator rex, some young justice, RWBY, flowers, aesthetic posts, helpful posts, sommme politics not a lot, and probably other fandoms that I can’t remember right now.
I post my own content too. I write some short stories and poetry and sometimes personal posts because why not. Those are tagged “ririwrites” and “ririrambles” respectively 

Why did you choose your URL: (I’ve definitely been asked this before lol) long story short, my old bio teacher abbreviated my already short name to riri and I decided to spell it the way Kiki from Kiki’s Delivery Service spells it because that’s cute and uniform. 

Do you have any other blogs: yeeeep. I made one about ladybugs for a class ( @doesthisbugyouatall ) and recently I made a plant blog so go have a look at @plant-obsession-aesthetic it’s lots of fun to run. So relaxing tbh

What did your past relationship teach you: I’m interpreting this as nonromantic (because I’ve never had a romantic relationship) so I’d have to say some people will react negatively when they know how smart I am. It was a constant fight of them trying to one-up me and they kept getting meaner and meaner and I Will Not Have It. So I ended the relationship. Be nice, be kind, be helpful. That’s what I have to say. 

Religious or spiritual: those are kinda mixed for me. But religious I guess 

Favorite color: orange!! 🍊🍊🍊 also pink and yellow but orange was the first color I decided to like for me. There’s a story with my fave colors lol. Maybe I should write about it huh..

Average hours of sleep: haahhahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaahhahahaahhaahahahahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahahahahahhaahahha

Lucky number: nope

Favorite characters: REX SALAZAR MY SON and every character like him, so lance (vld), tanaka (HQ!!), wally west (Young Justice), Cisco (The Flash), Leorio (hxh)… I have a Type™ help. I also really like Ty Lee!! What a complex character! What a broken character!! I love her!! Also I don’t talk about her much but YANG MY CHILD FROM RWBY. I LOVE HER WITH EVERY FIBER OF MY BEING. She owns her own body, is considerate, is badass, and understands how to deal with emotions. She’s got flaws but aaaaaaaaa shes so good. 

Dream job: a badass mofo who takes out old white men in the education system and writes kickass books on the side. Fight me

What’s the etiquette on followers tagging people who aren’t mutuals h e l p 
I’m tagging: @mikuridaigo, @fynneyseas, @keithmeinyourheart, @ohohoho-its-cc@gen-rex-asaurus@amalasdraws, @attractthecrows, & @crollalanzaa
No pressure or anything! I hope everyone reading has an excellent week~! <3


Pre-made sims are not ugly. It is EA’s skin that makes them look ugly. I’ve always thought that I’d never been able to create sims of all shapes and sizes like EA does. Especially they are really good at creating various facial structure. 

But… I loathe EA’s endless love to those BIG eyes…  I know they make humongous eyes on purpose, but you should’t lift upper eyelids that high :/ They look like plastic surgery fails. 

So what I basically did was (as always) to replace skin and eyebrows, and change makeups. Eyes were almost the only part I actually edited. Sometimes I had to replace eye shapes in whole (to the most similar ones though) if that horrible one big chunk of eyelash (no plural) was attached. Face impressions are highly affected by nose shapes, so I rarely touch that area. And lastly, @heihu‘s amazing facial overlays were just the icing on the cake!

Some of the CC I used for this project are listed in my updated resource page.


“Isn’t it strange how it all happens? All my life I dreamt about the bright lights, big city. You know, they tell you it’s gonna be glamorous and they tell you that you have everything. And no one ever tells you how it’s gonna be. And they don’t tell you when you’re twirling in front of the mirror as a child what the papers are gonna say about you someday. Cause they don’t tell you they’re building you up just to try and knock you down. But they haven’t yet.


so my dash has been fairly dead and i did a mASSIVE unfollow SO if u post 

• fall out boy 

• my chemical romance 

• twenty one pilots 

• just general bandom stuff 


• gillian anderson 

• steven universe (im trying to get into it) 

• gerard way 

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• trohley 

• sansaery (any GoT stuff related to the starks or tyrells) 



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There Is No Scientific Method

By James Blachowicz

In 1970, I had the chance to attend a lecture by Stephen Spender. He described in some detail the stages through which he would pass in crafting a poem. He jotted on a blackboard some lines of verse from successive drafts of one of his poems, asking whether these lines (a) expressed what he wanted to express and (b) did so in the desired form. He then amended the lines to bring them closer either to the meaning he wanted to communicate or to the poetic form of that communication.

I was immediately struck by the similarities between his editing process and those associated with scientific investigation and began to wonder whether there was such a thing as a scientific method. Maybe the method on which science relies exists wherever we find systematic investigation. In saying there is no scientific method, what I mean, more precisely, is that there is no distinctly scientific method.

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