edit so i did one similar


Mother! giving Post-Mockingjay realness


Since I can draw similar to the dr style, as an experiment, I drew two sprites for them~ The default one, and an edit of that default one.
I focused on trying to make them look as close as the official things and they took me more time because of that -and because it takes me more time to draw an ok hand. I usually skip that part-, so now I don’t think it would be a good idea to do more (I want to tho)—
I wanted to draw Misaki’s eyes more similar to the manga version but I couldn’t make it look good so I just went with those.
I did everything here except for the shadows in their suits because, as I said before, I can’t do that kind of shadows. I had to copy those from Byakuya and Kotoko/Akane.

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it was,,,,,, so fucking good. i just need to rant for a bit about so many aspects of this video because like not only was it genuinely so funny and original and creative, it was just SO WELL MADE. there were so many small details about it that i couldn’t even believe.  they put so much actual effort into it and they’re also both so naturally funny when it comes to this kind of humor. ahhhh there were so many good things to talk about that i hardly know where to begin or like how to even organize my thoughts so just like,,, be ready bc this is about to be the most incoherent ramble 

first of all. dnp work so well together. i mean. we know this, we see it all the time. but there’s a lot of humor in the crafts videos that is just completely improvised within the larger pre-planned structure/concept. and they bounce off each other SO well in this setting (maybe even better than they do in many of their normal collabs, at least from a comedic standpoint.) i think a lot of this has to do w the fact that the satirical cheeriness of the “characters” that they play, that is over-emphasized to the point of being creepy, just lends itself really well to so many amazing one-liners. but also they just have such good chemistry that is so readily apparent in this context,,, it makes me emotional. they consistently set each other up for jokes, if one person improvises a certain action or behavior the other goes along with it or reacts to it immediately and that’s a mark of rly well-practiced entertainers but also two people who know each other really well and i love watching it play out.

i also do have to acknowledge that they are both fundamentally quite talented. all three of the craft videos are examples of really genuinely witty humor and they showcase that side of dnp so well. both of them also have such a good sense of comedic timing and even an intuition for physical comedy and they’re also rly creative with how they edit these videos and the union of all of those elements is what makes these videos so good in my opinion. while i believe dan’s explanation that the first crafts video was filmed quite spontaneously without much of a plan (and that’s why it’s super short and not as funny as the latter two imo), i do think they put a lot of thought and effort into this one which is quite clear through many of the details they worked into the video both during the filming itself and then afterwards in the editing. first of all the overall concept of them being taken by satan as a culmination of the extremely subtle creepy undertones from the first one is just so smart bc no one would expect them to take it that far and the total hyperbolic unlikeliness of it is what makes it so damn funny. i think most ppl were expecting when dan said he’s keeping his stamp a secret that it would just be some sort of satanic symbol like what happened in the glitter faces vid but like,,, no one thought it’d escalate to where it did. it was so unexpected and over the top but somehow still not overdone or so forced as to dilute the comedy. it synthesized humor with genuinely unsettling creepiness and that is such a difficult balance to achieve. 

you can tell they put a lot of thought into it on so many levels. for instance they worked in all these rly subtle allusions to satan himself before the weird ritual scene happens, like dan saying “this one’s long with a big head like him” (ty for describing satans cock to us dan jfc) and phil saying “i’ve selected as many knives as friends i have, which is two.” then even during the ritual scene they work in things like the cow noise since a common satanic symbol is a horned deity (baphomet lol). and in their new channel description they use the case file name 19-1-20-1-14 which decodes to the word “satan” if you use a basic letter-number cipher (in which each number stands for the letter that is that position in the alphabet. ’s’ is the 19th letter, ‘a’ is the first, and so on.) and there are so many other little editing quirks that give this video that unsettling undertone, as well as editing quirks that add to the comedy of it and it’s all just so well done. for example the voice editing on certain words like “sharp” and “go away.” the audio overlays of heavy breathing at various points and random cuts to black screens. the use of creepy music at strategic places throughout. at 4:36 they recorded themselves saying protip backwards just to reverse it and they even spell out the “protip” text backwards, seemingly both as a way to shit on the whole ‘protip’ trope from the last vid and also to make fun of the way that satanists/conspiracy theorists think there are hidden messages in popular songs and shit that u can only hear if u play the audio backwards. ugh i hate them and their many layers of references. phil also references this again during the ritual part, when dan lights the match (he just goes “portip” “portip” as though he’s trying to say it backwards lol.) and then they fuck around w the word protip throughout the video almost like they’re making fun of it. there’s also definitely a subtle pitch manipulation of their voices as the video progresses. by the end they sound like they’ve sucked on a little bit of helium but it happens gradually enough that you’re just a little bit put off and you can’t really place why. then there’s the little comedic touches like the siren sound when “carefully” flashes across the screen. the fact that the legal disclaimer for adult supervision is cut off at the sides. the zoom in on the fleck of green paint that lands on dan when phil’s pouring it into the plate. ugh like damn i just want to make the point that they clearly put work into this and on face value it seems like a shoddy home video w a weird satanic ending but there’s a reason this works so well and feels so creepy and simultaneously laugh out loud funny and it’s bc they’re genuinely talented and we don’t always get to see that creative talent at work in their standard formulas for videos on their regular channels so i’m just so grateful that they made something like this where it seems like they allow themselves to exercise more of that creative energy. it begs a lot of questions about why they don’t do shit like this more,,,  and i think there are a number of reasons they feel safe and happy making what they generally make now but i’m jst so happy that at least in these videos they’ve branched out and done something so creative and good.

on that note. i just need to ramble about phil. i don’t think anyone can dispute that phil really carries these videos and partly that’s because he’s been in the role of the “teacher” in all three videos so he inevitably comes across as more dominant and sets the tone for the humor, but also like,,, he just works so well in this style and comes up with such spontaneous and WITTY little remarks that inevitably become the standout lines from each vid (in this one, for example, “potato is in my top ten favorite fruit,” “sometimes it’s nice to look up at the stars and remember that they’re all already dead,” “if you make a mistake while cutting just think about it for the rest of the day,” etc. and one of my fav from the past, “if you’re left handed ask a friend” (d: why am i left handed) “everybody makes mistakes!”) he also seems to improvise a lot of the physical comedy in the videos (in this one, the way he just stared at the paint as he squeezed it out for way too long, the way he threw around the cutting boards and plates, the way he did the chopping; and in past ones, slamming his hands on the paper and on dan’s hands when mixing the glitters, clacking the scissors super loudly in the first one, etc.) i just love these videos so much bc they’re some of the only ones that we have these days where phil is really doing most of the comedic legwork and dan definitely helps and bounces off of him but mostly lets phil take charge and i live for it. and while there’s obvi no way to tell who rly did the editing for the video (and i’m sure it was a mix of both of them) there’s no denying that the editing style and general creepiness (especially of the ritual sacrifice scene lol) bear a lot of similarities to the feeling/vibe/editing quirks in a lot of phil’s old school videos (i’m thinking like tape 6 and the basket which, if any of you reading these have not watched, please just open a tab right now and do that before you finish reading this lol.) the choppy way the different clips are spliced together in the whole ritual scene (where one second dan is stamping phil, then lighting a match and chanting, then phil’s chanting, then he’s slumped over and then there are two videos overlaid on top of each other when dan is actually stamping phil’s back and then the sudden cut to black) it’s all so reminiscent of those older videos and it does make me feel like phil had a larger creative hand in thinking about how this video should be put together and that just makes me so happy to think about. i’ve always wondered what phil does w his self-professed obsession with horror and his interest in violence and psychological thrillers and whatnot, as well as his former academic/critical study of filmmaking. it makes sense that he doesn’t feel comfortable exploring those interests by making things himself in this genre in a real way and especially not on youtube because his self-described objective through this platform is to provide his audience with light and uplifting entertainment. more pragmatically, he’s trying to make a living from this job and hold somewhat broad-based appeal through the videos he makes and it makes sense that lighter content that doesn’t require too much intellectual rigor would fare better and hold more consistent audience engagement. and more personally, making things on the level of tape 6, even years later w more familiarity with editing and whatnot and perhaps more skill in writing scripts/characters/plots, still would involve a certain degree of personal emotional vulnerability that the current amazingphil format doesn’t demand. in short, venturing into these territories creatively would be a risk on a lot of levels. it would invite more formal critique of his work. it would invite more people trying to read into who he is and his psyche (which are things that i feel like he’s actually terrified of and that’s part of why he’s built such a protective barrier against it). it would be a risk and it makes sense that he doesn’t want to take it, at least not right now. but it’s just lovely to see that he still has the capacity to make things in the vein of those older videos and to make them WITH DAN and mix them with comedy which i need to reiterate is such a hARD THING TO DO!!!! and  idk it just rly makes me so happy to watch and to think about. 

i love phil so much, and none of this is meant to dilute dan’s role since i’m sure he did inform some of the decisions here, but i just think that dan as phil’s biggest fan (since 2007 y’all) would feel many of these same things about phil’s older content and support phil’s desire to engage that darker creative energy/talent he has hiding under all of those layers of syrupy happiness and amiability. i love that this is sort of an update to that vintage dark!phil content bc it’s the same dark undertones, same editing quirks, etc. but now it’s mixed with rly cheeky humor and maybe that’s dan’s influence or maybe it’s still phil, but a phil that has shared his life w someone w this particular irreverent and sarcastic sense of humor for so many years and this video shows the confluence of those two things in such a lovely and original way and just,,,, ugh. this video was so much and i loved it SO much. truly so, so good i was not prepared to feel so many deep-seated Emotions over some god damn satanic propaganda i need help. 

(danandphilcrafts - potato prints)

Celebrity Crush - Part Three

Part One | Part Two | Part Three

Note: It took me so long to finally get this out, but I honestly think it was worth the wait. :) Thanks @adothoe for proofreading. <3

Word Count: 2910

Pairing: Daveed Diggs x Reader

Warnings: nada. just extreme amounts of fluff

The song you wrote with Daveed ended up becoming the first single you released from your album. When you released it just a month after you wrote it, the media went absolutely nuts. People loved the song and it wasn’t long before it became a hit. ‘Good for You’ being in the top charts meant one thing for you and Daveed: you needed to shoot a music video.

Now, this didn’t sound like it was a big deal at first, but the more you thought about it, the bigger deal it was. The song was…more on the sexy side of music than it was to anything else, which meant that your music video would have to mirror that.

You didn’t know what to expect the day of the shoot, but on the way there, you couldn’t help but feel a bit nervous.

“It’s Daveed, Y/N. You know, the guy you’re like– in love with? If I were you, I’d do a sexy music video with him any day.” Your manager told you on the car ride there.

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Shadowhunters Season 2 Meme

So I did a Shadowhunters edit meme during the hiatus after season 1 and I wanted to do something similar for season 2 now that it’s over so this is the format I’m going to follow (influenced a bit by the one I did last year). If anyone else wants to do this go for it, and feel free to tag me in your edits! (I track #sunshinerosende)

[10] Favourite Relationships/Dynamics
[9] Favourite Characters
[8] Favourite Scenes
[7] Favourite Cast Members
[6] Favourite Episodes
[5] Favourite Locations
[4] Favourite Fight Scenes
[3] Characters’ Outfits
[2] Favourite Downworlder Races
[1] Favourite Cast Friendship

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I need to know more about this Titanic AU???

I mean……..do you understand that you’ve just unleashed my need to share all the ideas I’ve had brewing for ???? months now upon all of my followers??

So I originally was gonna do this AU for the Klance big bang but then life happened and anxiety happened and my depreciating crippling self hatred and belief that everything I do is shit happened (as usual) so I had to drop out lmao but !!! one day I was texting my babu @jackalopesart and we were talkin about aus or big bangs and she was like “man i would love me a klance titanic au i love titanic” and i was like “haha funny u should mention that bc i have an outline for a klance titanic au for that big bang that i was gonna do before i dropped out” and she started screaming at me that she would have picked that prompt so quick and ksFKSJDFLS you probably don’t care about this background story SORRY but it was just really funny but also she inspired me to keep writing it!!!!! it was just gonna be another one of the 23 WIPs on my google docs but we were talking and she just made me really wanna keep going? so I finished chapter one and she started drawing for it and now we’re here and once she’s finished this last piece of art, chapter one will be up, hopefully this week!!!! :’)

Now in terms of the actual AU,,,I actually don’t want to give too much away😬 

What Kelsi and I have shared with you guys is at least the very basis of the fic, which is that, essentially, Lance is Jack Dawson, and Keith is Rose DeWitt Bukater. However!!! This fic is not going to follow the movie’s storyline to a T. 

I really want this to be a rollercoaster for everyone reading it because it’s going to be different in a lot of different ways!!! and I’ve seen a lot of people be like “well keith should be X and lance should be Y instead” or “lance is gonna die, wow, great” and like. I mean if y’all wanna write your own Titanic AUs then be my guest, but for this story, you literally have no idea what’s gonna happen to these characters or who is who and what their background is yet or who’s gonna get sucked into the freezing vacuum of the Atlantic ocean! All in good time!!!

That being said, of course some of the Most Iconic Scenes will be reflected in similar if not very nearly the exact same ways in this fic…I mean……the car scene, amirite?? But in all seriousness, it’s not going to be the exact same as the movie, so in the end, I guess everyone will just have to read and see? What I can tell you for certain is that Lance and Keith meet in the first chapter, if that helps. I did post a small excerpt of that meeting from Chapter One under my “titanic au” tag on this blog (tho it’s an older draft and i’ve edited that scene a fair bit since I posted it) but hopefully the entire thing will be ready and up in the next few days!! 

Sorry for being a bit secretive but I love bein an extra bitch and letting people go along for the ride with the stories I tell :’’) It’ll be worth it, I promise. I hope, anyway? And also sorry ahead of time for the tears that will probably definitely be my fault. oops!!

🌌 vee’s aesthetic blogrates!  🌌

So, I’m getting close to 2.5k followers and thought I’d do a little thing to nudge meself closer to it AND MOSTLY, to thank my followers for sticking around and being awesome ^^ (you rock!)

This one will be similar to the one I did on Valentine’s but with a twist: instead of cheesy lines, I’ll be making you a name edit! (simple, so it’s easy to make for everyone, but pretty!) So, rules!

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format under the cut!

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“Isn’t it strange how it all happens? All my life I dreamt about the bright lights, big city. You know, they tell you it’s gonna be glamorous and they tell you that you have everything. And no one ever tells you how it’s gonna be. And they don’t tell you when you’re twirling in front of the mirror as a child what the papers are gonna say about you someday. Cause they don’t tell you they’re building you up just to try and knock you down. But they haven’t yet.



hear me out. There’s something strange going on, and it’s on Mark’s channel
People have their suspicions but I don’t know how people Havent seen this

Mark has been playing Alot of horror games lately right? No big deal right?
But look at some of the titles, usually mark puts the title of the game in the title so for him to put messages saying"greetings" or “play time” is just straight up weird.

I have two suspicions, it’s either mark is introducing red man soon,or we’re witnessing the return of darkiplier.
If you take the titles with no mention of the games mark is playing,you get a message

“Greetings,I found you… going home. Play time”
This could also be read as
“Greetings, I found you going home. Play time”
Who is he talking about or should we ask…who is talking?

This leads me to my next notion. This is darkiplier or red man… I think this might be darkiplier because mark was playing video games related to horror…and the greetings in the beginning of the message is in darks character considering he is manipulative and would put up a formal manner…..but what leads me to believe it may be “red man” is the phrase “play time”….I don’t know about you but dark Doesn’t seem to “play with his food” he is manipulative and conniving yes,but he wouldn’t straight up say “play time ”(I may be wrong on this) also what could this possibly mean? If they are talking to mark, “going home?” Where is mark going? Are they talking about mark? Or are they talking about each other? What if this is a conversation? Maybe I’m digging too deep into this…..

Now look at the thumbnails….. Usually the thumbnails have correlation with the game..
Greetings is a video for a mouse simulator.
The thumbnail is a white figure smiling… creepily

This is what lead my suspicions to this theory in first place. What video did “greetings ” come after?
The very game red man originated from,in one of the paintings"red man" was painted white, so it would be strange for that white smiling figure to be in a thumbnail for a mouse simulator….
The next videos “ found you ” “going home” and “play time” all have similar thumbnails with a smiling creepy face… coincidence? I think not.

Edit: why are you reblogging this??? This is like the most stupid theory ever that has so many holes in it xD oml IM STILL GETTING REBLOGS LIKE WTH LET IT DIE XDD

I’m thinking red man is coming….or with jack going to LA maybe they are planning something more with darkiplier and anti…
@markiplier I might be very very very wrong but I had to get this off my chest… BECAUSE OMG THE HYPE IM GOING THROUGH Edit: why is this still getting notes? It’s honestly a really stupid theory. Lol

we hit 3k like a week ago 🎁

and I still haven’t figured out what to gift you guys!! I mean, I could just be super lazy and just make my next pose pack my 3K gift but I actually want to do something different for you guys this time! 🙂

SO, I was thinking!! INSTEAD. I could do a giveaway! But not a normal giveaway where you just like/reblog a post and then the winner’s random! But where you guys edit a picture (of one of my sims) for me and then at the end of a week or whatever I choose my favourite edit (or maybe you guys could vote? idk? i need to work out the details!) and whoever created my favourite edits would win! 

(I think I saw someone else do something similar not long ago, but I can’t remember who it was D: edit: @smubuh did!!!)

I was thinking I’d upload an album of maybe 10-15 different screenshots (of a mix of different characters!) and you could all choose whichever image you wanted! Then there would be more variety! I WAS ALSO THINKING that because not everyone is amazing at editing (eg. sandy herself lmao) I thought I could also set a writing prompt or something? So if people didn’t want to edit a picture they could submit a short like 200-300 word piece of writing?  

Like I said, I haven’t worked out all the kinks yet! I’m gonna think more about it tomorrow and if I decide to do this I’ll make a post for it with all the rules and guidelines!! Would any of you guys be interested?? (I’m thinking there’d be maybe 3 winners?) 🎁 

(I know a lot of you guys are still waiting on getting the parenthood pack so that’s another reason this might be a good idea! 🙂 and my exams start next week and go on for a month so I really won’t have time to create anything special for you guys :( )

Please tell me I’m not the only one who notice this.
WHAT IF: Kukui actually fall in love with Guzma,but due to peer pressure/“You are a professor!Set a good example!” Pressure,he can’t be together with Guzma and decided to go for a similar choice to ‘replace him’

EDIT : No,I’m not hating on Professor Burnet,in fact,I think the shipping between her and Kukui is actually pretty cute and I am even considering to cosplay as her! I just wrote this to point out the fact that those 2 look similar and write a prompt,I didn’t expect it to trigger so many of you.Sorry if I did,then again : If you dislike it,then don’t reblog,just shut one eye like an ordinary person and move on,this isn’t gonna impact your life or whatsoever anyway.

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Hey if you're still taking prompts how bout one where kim saves amanda without her armor because the putties were too close to wait? You can finish it how you like.

Ok this has been in my word docs for like a whole week. I was waiting to edit it but I still haven’t gotten around to it so I might as well just post it.


Shit. That way all Kim could think. Too fast to change. Too slow to stop. She and Amanda had their differences. And similarities. Kim understood why Amanda hated her now. Not just because of the nudes, though those did help seal the deal. It was because when Kimberly came out as bi to her parents they accepted her. Amanda’s didn’t. They told her it was a phase and she was just confused.

Kim thought through her options at a lightning quick speed. She could change right here and now in the school parking lot. The problem was there were about 20 other people here too. She could run around to the side of the building but putties would block her path so that would do no good.

As the putties advanced closer to Amanda the other students began to quickly leave. Soon enough it was just her, Amanda and the putties. Turning to run to the side of the building, Kimberly was stopped by a piercing scream. She debated through the options again before making her choice.

She couldn’t leave her first kiss defenseless.

Kim sprung into action. Grabbing one from behind before throwing it to the ground. After a quick look over to Amanda, Kim returned her focus to the battle in front of her. She blocked a punch before ripping the monsters arm from its body. Using the newly acquired ‘weapon’ to attack what was left over of the putty before moving to the next. And then the next. And then the next. Till all that was left was in the empty parking lot was her, Amanda, and the rubble of the defeated monsters.

Neither girl knew what to say. Kim didn’t know what to ask. Does she ask her if she’s alright? Amanda could easily have many questions about why and how. But she just stood there. Eyes on the carnage around them.

“So, I guess that explains you and your band of misfits?..” Amanda said after she was finally able to tear her eyes away from the sacred rocks.

“What do you mean?”

“Oh come on Kimmy. The 5 of you didn’t start hanging out till the rangers showed up. You just took out 15 of those rock things all by yourself. And I saw 3 police officers struggling with one during the invasion so you can’t just say you know how to fight. Not to mention your fighting style. I’ve watched the videos explaining each rangers fighting style and yours in quite similar to the pink ranger.” Amanda walked to her car door as Kim stood speechless.

“I don’t know what you’re talking about.” The ranger finally got her voice to work after a moment. “I’m not one of those rangers.”

“Sure you’re not. And I’m not bi. We both have thing we have to hide. I get it.” Her engine turned over before her tires fought the large rocks to reverse out of the parking space.

“And I’m not expert in this ranger business thing that you’re not a part of…” Amanda’s voice dripped with sarcasm as she continued on. “ But you may want to tell them that 5 teens who never spoke before they showed up and now each of them wears 1 main color isn’t helping them stay hidden. And maybe tell them that walking in the hall 5 abreast in the same order doesn’t help either.” Amanda started to roll up her window before stopping. “One more thing Hart. Just ask her out. I’ve seen how you look at her, and more importantly how she looks at you. Just cause I can’t be happy, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t either. And don’t worry. I’m not the kind of person to spread things like rumors or photos around…” Amanda left Kim in the picked up dust as she drove away.

xxx Later that night in a group message xxx

Not the Power Rangers

**Kimmy** Guys we need to be more secretive with our ranger identities. We’ve all started wearing ‘our’ colors and people may notice….

**Mama’s Boy** what brought this up

**The Small Gay** shut up zach she has a point

**Billy** That’s a great idea Kim! People may assume something cause we only started hanging out after we found the morphers.

**He’s In Charge?** Kim’s right guy. Especially about 'our’ colors. Maybe once a week we can have them primarily on but other than that we should try to act normally.

**Mama’s Boy** well I wore black before so I’m good Trini though you’ve gotta tone the yellow down

**The Small Gay** well not all of us got blessed with a dark color morpher

**Billy** I like my morpher color.

**Kimmy** I like mine too Billy. I wonder if any other morphers are out there?..

**He’s In Charge?** Wall dad and Alpha haven’t said anything about any others. But they also didn’t say anything about our weapons….

**Billy** Who knows! We could get other rangers someday!

**Mama’s Boy** I hope it’s a girl I’m feeling left out on team romances

**The Small Gay** don’t get you’re hopes up zach

**Mama’s Boy** *your

**The Small Gay** fight me

**Mama’s Boy** will do how’s Saturday work

**He’s In Charge?** Guys stop fighting. We have practice so you’ll get you’re chance.

**Mama’s Boy** *your

**He’s In Charge** Ok now we’re fighting. Trini you can fight him after me.

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I'm so sorry Emma stole all those edits from you!! I can't believe what a bitch she is! you should unfollow + block her so she can't steal any more

hi uh no need to apologize - emma and i have cleared things up- however the fact that you went out of your way to make this account is disgusting and sad. no one deserves this amount of hate for anything, especially something as ridiculous as this. Emma did not steal my edits; yes there are similarities but as it is an instagram edit there should be.
Please do not continue to spread this ugly hate, this fandom does not need any toxic members. thank you for being alarmed, or concerned about my edits, but your approach is pathetic and no one deserves to have a hate blog about them
Please take an ethics class, perhaps it will help.



MARVEL AU PART 14/?“The world is full of evil and lies, and you can’t hide from it; you can ony face it. The question is: How do you respond? Who do you become?”

So I really wanted Bob to be Phil Coulson in this AU because their personalities reminded me of each other and their role in the group dynamic were similar to each other: such as witty one-liners, calm attitude when dealing with the Avengers, but is a badass when neccessary lol 

PSA: This is the last edit for this AU i’m gonna do but I do plan on uploading a master list with all my ideas that I did and did not do edits for

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Icon/Edit Request: Pride Icons like the ones you've made before, but the rainbow in the background are the colors of the lil' circles in the falsettos playbill.... if that makes sense

i had that thought while making the 1978 ones actually! the colours are pretty similar (much more pastel and no purple but very close!) so i did actually make a flag with the colours.

don’t use the flag without my permission!!

i don’t want to spam by making another set of pride icons but if you (or anyone) wants a specific character or two, i’m sure i could throw some together

also because i’m too nice for my own good, i would like to say that my requests are actually closed – see my description – but i like this idea so i’m willing c:

The Height debate: Just how tall are Monsters? Rylie Edition.

So I’ve been seeing a lot of height stuff on my dash lately and I figured, why not give a crack at it?

Let’s start off by ruling out one concept art piece that is very inconsistent and probably 100% inaccurate. 

This one:

The basic assumption is that the boss monster depicted here is clearly Asgore. While I can say there are some similarities, there are also a lot of differences to Asgore in game verses this silhouette. 

First’ let’s talk about that cloak.

While it’s certainly possible that the cloak has changed/Asgore is simply wearing a different cloak now than he did back then, it’s noteworthy that the silhouette’s cloak is shorter on the monster than Asgore’s is. The image of Asgore above is him standing up, BTW. A lot of people seem to be confused by this and remark about how inconsistent the heights are when translating these sprites to over world sprites, but let me show you something I found that was very interesting!

This is a before and after shot of Asgore during the Pacifist ending. There are no camera shifts, either, so what gives?

Well, this is a before and after shot of when Toriel threw a fireball at him. Wouldn’t it be a decent assumption that when hit with a magic attack, Asgore would be kneeling, injured, just like during his fights with you? Or at least hunched over.

Keep this in mind, I’ll come back to it! Anyway, back to the silhouette and Asgore.

While their cloaks can be reasoned away with time there’s something else that’s bothering me. It’s the weapon.

This is Asgore’s weapon of choice, which is in tune with his magic. After all, he can change it from red, to blue, to orange and attack you with the latter two colors. He also spawns it from seemingly nowhere, so it makes for a strong case that Asgore’s weapon is magic-based.

Well, what about the silhouette? 

The weapon is much more proportional to the monster carrying it, and has a much shorter middle prong than Asgore’s. The final thing that really bugs me about the silhouette is… If it is indeed Asgore, where is his other horn?

Even in his sideways sprite, we can see both of his horns:

So where is the other horn? Well, what if this was the silhouette’s other horn?

Yes, it does look like a crown, but because the figure appears to be standing in a ¾ position, it would make a lot more sense if this was a broken horn rather than a crown. (credit to @kingfloofybuns​ for pointing out this possibility to me a long ass time ago) And if the silhouette’s head is completely facing to the side? Then another problem arises.

The horns curl forward.

Asgore’s curl backwards.

That’s enough to convince me that Asgore is NOT the monster shown in the introduction cut scene! Or at least, not the one we assumed him to be. I’m betting that the silhouette monster is a relative–a father or uncle, maybe? Either way, with so many differences between Asgore and this silhouette of a monster that looks sort of similar, I can’t allow this to be use as a reference for height.

So we’ve got to turn back to the in game sprites. The over world sprites and the black and white sprites have often been brushed off as inconsistent due to a number of things–a misunderstanding about Asgore’s height due to him becoming wounded and leaning over/kneeling being one of them, but I think that the two sets of sprites are fairly consistent! Either way, I’ll only be using the over world sprites to get a rough idea of how tall everyone is.

Let’s start with getting everyone lined up Well, except for Frisk, but they’ll come in later. We’re just getting a basis for how tall the monsters are, not Frisk.

Anyway, here’s everyone looking good and pretty standing up straight and facing forward.

Now, I’ve seen someone else use a door to determine the height of everyone else, but they used a monster door and compared it to a human door. Well, let’s try something else! 

Let’s talk about cars.

Cars are undeniably a humans-only invention. We say a race car bed, but cars were nowhere to be found other than on the surface.

Here’s what Papyrus would look like standing next to his car:

Interestingly enough. He’s the same as he is sitting in the car–but that makes sense, considering how high the Car is above the ground.

Now to find a real-life counterpart!

I think this car, The 2007 Ford Shelby GT500, seems to be the most-likely candidate to be Papyrus’s car, just from the image alone

So how tall is this thing? Well according to google, about  54.5″ to 55.7″, or 55″ to 56″ when rounding up, or 4 ½ Feet at most. We’ll take the tallest measurement.

After doing the measurements, Papyrus is about 6′ even in comparison to his car!

So after that, I compared the height of the over world sprites and got these numbers:

Alphys - 4'4"
Undyne - 6'8"
Papyrus - 6’
Toriel - 7'1"
Sans - 4'2"
Asgore - 7'7"
Frisk/Chara - 4'2"

What do you think? I’m not saying by any means any of this is “canon” (After all, you do you) but I think these numbers are more realistic than what I’ve seen before. Thoughts?

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MARY JANE HOLLAND Pearl Mini Collection! by candysims4

Aah, it’s funny you say that. When I did the look, I actually found that one when I was looking for a similar necklace, but the overall look was too cylindrical compared to the look I wanted to achieve, so I made my own. Of course you can accuse me of just editing his/her mesh, but honestly, re-arranging the pearls in his/her mesh would require as much effort as arranging spheres from the beginning. XD (If not more actually, since I used a method where I drew a curve and only needed a single sphere to get duplicated along the curve)

And the texture is from an original The Sims 4 item. ;)

And with regards to (probably) your last message claiming that I steal: 1. Chill, 2. If anyone should be upset, shouldn’t it be me?