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How to Piss off a Vampire: Rogue's Edition

Rogue: “You have lived for far too long! Your soul’s decayed! It’s like a pumpkin left to rot out in a dead field! Even flies avoid it! Now, as much as it pains me as a *gentleman*, I will kill you to satisfy my honor!”

Vampire: “Such big talk… from a little man.”

Rogue: “Such big smarm from a little bitch!”

DM: Oh, shit.

Since the only thing I can move is literally my fingers for my touchpad mouse due to my Spinal Muscular Atrophy, I hate how I can’t make Cow Chop fan art… The amount of love my last two original posts (video clip and shitty gif set) have gotten have given me hope. You guys are so freaking wonderful and kind so I hope I can continue getting better at my editing skills since it’s the only thing I can physically do and give back to this community one way or another. <3