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hatarlakrits opened up commissions recently, and so of course, I asked for some cute Teevert and Valgleeson nonsense. an 800-word rant about their performances and a few days later, I get this!!! and it is!!!! so perfect!!!!!!!!!!!!! I’ve been ranting to let-it-be-extraordinary about it for ten minutes already, somebody save me from my emotions

STAR1 photoshoot (colored version) - mingyu, wonwoo, junhui




Heyo, Banana Pie!

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Kaylor AU....

TS: Did you remember to post the orchard pic?

KK: Oh! Let me do that now…. (Posts pic of hand plucking at an apple.)

MH: Okay. Which pic do you want me to post?

KK: Here. Use the one I took of the three of you this morning. Hold on. I’m texting it to you….

MH: Cool…. What should I say?

TS: Whatever, Martha! (Laughs) Just don’t mention her. (Motions with her head towards Karlie who just frowns.)

MH: There! What d'ya think?

LA: You’re not mad at the view? (Giggles)

MH: I couldn’t think of anything else! Geez…. It’s always such pressure with you Instagram experts….

TS: Karlie! You forgot to tag your location!

KK: Shit. Hold on…. (Quickly edits post; but there are already over 10,000 likes in 15 minutes.)

KK: Do you think anyone will notice?

LA: You guys are over-thinking this…. It’ll be fine!

KK: Uh, guys? Kimby just texted. It’s been cloudy there all day…. (Bites lower lip, looking at Taylor.) Maybe no one will notice?

Tree: Oh, my god…. Taylor!