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jikook imagines: famous pop star jeon jungkook rumored to be dating his backup dancer park jimin

the two were spotted together in numerous occasion for over a month now. the pairs were seen being very affectionate with each other and it has been reported that jungkook could be serious with his cute boyfriend park jimin.

fans has suspected the couple for years now gathering evidence of a possible romance between the pop star and his dancer being seen in the picture below.

It has been confirmed by jungkook’s manager that it is true jungkook has been seeing park jimin for over five years now. He implied that the pop star is very fond of his boyfriend and that they currently had moved in together. Clearly this pairs are the hottest couple around in the showbiz and we wishes all the love in the world for them.


i really can’t with this dorky bingu. he’s so silly and adorable, so precious ♡


winter things ➳ 3 days until christmas

❝This fallen love becomes an arrow to me
That points to where you are…❞ - On The Snow by EXO

  au meme  2min: in highschool requested by anonymous  

This is the story of the star athlete and the lonesome wallflower; two souls who’s paths were never destined to cross.
Two souls who were so different, yet so alike. Though they lived in different worlds they wanted nothing but an escape, a break from the troubles and stress that high school offered them. Who knew they’d find what they wanted most in each other? Who knew they’d rewrite destiny and create their own paths?