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“What are those?” Eleven asked, looking at the bundle of dark red flowers in Jonathan’s hands. 

“These?” he held them out to let her look closer, “They’re roses. A special kind of flower for Valentine’s Day.” 

“Why are they special?” Eleven tentatively brushed a fingertip against the soft petals of one of the roses. 

“Because you get them for a girl you really like, the way I really like Nancy.”

“Love.” It was a statement, not a question. Eleven may not have been the best at speaking, but she was certainly good at feeling. Jonathan’s cheeks turned almost as red as the roses in his hand. 

“Yeah,” he ran his fingers through his messy hair, “I guess so.” 

“Pretty,” Eleven smiled. Jonathan reached into the bouquet and plucked one out, handing it to her. 

“Careful,” he said, “Sometimes the stems have thorns.” 

“But they’re not for me,” Eleven hesitated, her hand hovering over the stem.

“This one can be,” Jonathan assured her, “Like you said, they’re for girls you love. And I love you like you’re my little sister.”

An excerpt from a Valentine’s Day fic I wrote a while back. 

Three glasses of wine later, Sasuke considered the fact that maybe, in the grand scheme of him and Naruto, he was the idiot.

He leaned in, giving me time to pull away. I could feel his breath when he said, “I love it when you quote me.”

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They grow up so fast.

Assassination Classroom.Ch.151, Speed Time.

Famous Last Words

Summary: In a world where the last words your soulmate will say to you are written on your wrist, fearful and introverted Phil works in a bookstore. His greatest fear? The words counting down the seconds until he meet his soulmate, someone called ‘Dan.’ But it isn’t until he befriends a university student that he nicknames ‘Bear’ that Phil realizes that surviving through fear isn’t the same as living.

A/N: And here comes the storm.

Fun fact I actually met a man named Bear the other day. 

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Chapter Six

     Somehow, Bear had managed to become an constant presence during Phil’s time at Ink and Quill. By this point it had become habit for him to look up at any given moment and spy the university student duck through the door with a thoughtful expression and a cryptic statement ready to spill from his lips with the right question. Not that Phil minded, exactly. Sometimes he felt he lived for the stolen hour or two with Bear, whether it was at the shop or the chance meeting at Starbucks.
      Phil wasn’t sure when he first noticed that Bear had stopped visiting. It had been less of a conscious realization and more of a subconscious observation along with an intuitive feeling that something was wrong.
        It was strange, he reflected, how much of a difference the absence of one unnamed customer could make when it came to determining how good of a day he was having.
        While Phil knew it was stupid, he couldn’t shake the feeling that something was wrong. He was hardly one to inflate his own self-importance, but after spending the past couple of months religiously visiting both Phil and Ink and Quill it seemed uncharacteristic of Bear to simply get up and leave without an explanation. And though Phil supposed that beyond what little Bear volunteered he didn’t really know who Bear was at all, if Bear was anything like he acted like he was the move was strange even for someone as unpredictable as he was.
        But as Phil didn’t even have a name to work with, he tried to push it to the back of his mind. It wasn’t like there was anything he could do about it anyway.

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cohale  asked:

* hey, so someone's reblogged one of your many amazing edits (I did my self a favour and went through your page). I was just wondering how you achieve the still background on through the silhouette like in /post/120416727688/a-thousand-silhouettes-dancing-on-my-chest-no ? I've tried and thought of how to do it but yours looks absolutely amazing. Thanks and I hope you have a great day :)

Thank you so much cutie, that’s very nice of you to say. I’ve never made a tutorial or anything before so sorry if it’s not good.

This is a tutorial on how to make the background of your image a solid color.

You do need photoshop and basic knowledge of how to use it.

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The Sterek Secret Santa - 2016 - The Big Reveal

That’s it for another year my loves! Hope you all had a fabulous Holiday Weekend & that each and everyone of you enjoyed all the Sterek-y goodness!

A special, warm THANK YOU to the following amazing darlings: @jimins-parks, @hosio, @aredblush, @bleep0bleep, @literaryoblivion, and @mad-madam-m. I would’ve been lost without you wonderful angels, so thank you for helping me make sure that everyone received a gift again this year! <33333

If you’d like, you can still add your works to the AO3 Collection! You can even add works of the previous editions here :) You can also repost your gift(s) to your own Tumblrs now, of course!

Hope to see everyone back next year for the FIFTH edition of the Sterek Secret Santa! :D

-xoxo Leonie (leetje


And here’s the moment you’ve all been waiting for…… the list of Secret Santas!

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anonymous asked:

I'm asking this to a few witches on Tumblr. What is a special thing that you need to be if you want a spell to work? I'm not a witch so I have this believe that you need to have some kind of power or worship a God or spirits or other supernatural living/non living thing to get spell to work. Do you nee to have a connection with someone/something so your spell can work? I tried a few spells and no success ever so I'm curious of what it is needed

Well, that’s going to vary a lot given each witch’s paradigm - how they view the world and their operating system of magic and belief. Some people believe that you are granted power by god(s) or spirits. Others believe that you have to be born with it or need to take part in a special ritual to raise that power.

Here’s what I believe: ANYONE can cast a spell and get it to work. Anyone can be a witch or magical practitioner. You can be a witch and you can cast a spell.

There’s lots of reasons why your spells didn’t work.

Maybe you weren’t specific enough. Did you put in a time constraint for the spell to work such as by next month or was that absent? The spell may still work but at a later date.

Did you swap out too many ingredients? Sometimes if you’re following a spell it requires half a dozen ingredients that you don’t have access to. Swapping out too many of them could change the nature of the spell or muddle the purpose of the spell. (Although, this may depend on the spell itself and your cultural and personal symbolism of those ingredients).

Did you invoke a spirit, deity, elements, or other beings you have zero relationships with? These beings are just like us: they don’t like to be called upon randomly by anyone and demanded to attend a spell. Especially if they’re not actually necessary for the spell.

Was the spell poorly or oddly constructed? Some spells are just plain badly written or contain hidden components so only the select group of people in the know can figure out the right way to work it. What’s the reasoning behind the ingredients in the spell? What’s the purpose behind who is being invoked? What does that wording mean and why do you need to have specific ingredients?

I’m not one to believe intent or believing in the spell/yourself is everything. I think spells can work just fine without intent but it may help you to believe in the spell. Removing or diminishing doubt can also help you see how a spell works if it’s working in an unusual manner.

Did the spell require envisioning or wording? If so, look at how you said things. Maybe you spoke in the future tense instead of present tense. (And does that matter for the spell or your paradigm?) Having a clear vision of what you want to happen is important for this kind of spell casting.

Is that spell relying on a presumption or some truth that hasn’t been met yet? Maybe you want to publish a book so you cast a spell for it. But you haven’t finished the book or edited it yet. Your spell isn’t likely to work until those previous requirement or condition is met.

Are you sabotaging the spells? You can do a spell but put in requirements that are difficult to meet. An example would be a casting a spell to bring a lover to you and put in a requirement (through wording, writing, or envisioning) that you would also have to lose 30 pounds. That’s not an easy or quick thing to do so the spell seemingly fails until the secondary requirement is met: loosing that weight.

The style of spell casting might not be your thing. Try a similar spell in a different style of spell casting. For example, I’m a folk magician. My spells are usually slapped together with everyday items but ceremonialist have elaborate rituals. We might both be working a healing spell but the manner we go about it is different.

Are you raising power? Energy manipulation or channeling your power into the spells might be an important aspect of your spell or spell casting style. Some people can McGuyver a spell with junk drawer items and seemingly no effort on their part and others need the ritual clothes and elaborate rites to focus themselves, raise power, call on various beings, and cast the spell. This is similar but not exactly the same as spell styles.

Do you need to borrow magic from something else or have something assist? Some witches who work with herbs rely on those herbs’ power to empower the spell whereas others use those herbs in a symbolic manner. A stone’s interior power may be called upon for a ritual. People can borrow energy from the world around them, familiars, or spiritual beings to raise power for a spell. The spell might need a secondary caster in order to work correctly. This falls back to paradigm and personal casting style but looking at how a spell is being powered might help you figure out what went wrong.

What is magic to you? Is it the will of a person? An power in the universe? A living being? A god’s power? This is kind of an advanced question to ask and a many practitioners don’t have an answer and work spells easily. Some people need to understand the logic behind doing something. If this sounds like you, you might want to figure out what magic is to you and how you can best utilize it in the world. This answer does change over time for some people, so your definition may change over time.

The spell might have come true, but not in the manner you dictated or expected. Sometimes you cast a spell and the results are less than stellar. You could do a money spell to pay for a car repair and not specify what you’re looking for (whether through wording, writing it down, or envisioning) and get a result but the result’s $5. Well, that’ll buy you coffee but won’t help much for your car. The result is still there though. The spell worked.

That’s just some of the reasons a spell might not work. 

So I think the issues may be in your style of casting or what spells you tried rather than a specific inability to cast spells on your part.