edit of my own photograph


Poirot gets a rose named after him at The Chelsea Flower Show 1935

…getting some rain tonight folks. Which means you’ll be able to see the glowing mushrooms from Lady’s to Starline tomorrow. As always it promises to be a sight, so if you have the chance go down and check it out tomorrow. The earlier, the better. A reminder that some of the mushrooms burst if you touch them so keep the children away, but enjoy the sight. This is Rafael Reporting from-

(an aesthetic for “Dark City,” my favorite episode from season 2 of Jim Robbie and the Wanderers)

I sent a reposter a huge list of links to the originals of everything they’ve ever posted (including my own edits), info on how to credit photographers, what to edit, etc bc they asked for it and then weeks later I asked again and they flat out refused to take them down and said that because they tag it with #not my edit, it’s okay to use .. eugh.

Photo by: tvoom
Edit by: kenkofoto

Hey! I did a few experiments like this with other photographers last year. I do a lot of editing to my own photos, and the results from other photographers were good, but varied. I did find that most people edit their photos way less than I do. I used Photoshop to edit the photo, with a ballpark RAW adjustment followed by some adjustment layers. Unsharp mask’d then JPEG’d. Hope you like it!



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