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Jace smiling/laughing because of Maia in 2x13 + Maia smiling because of Jace:

🌈 I love you all and I’ll always support you!! 🌈 please continue to stay strong, especially after the new disgusting update. x

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☕️ Park Woodam was given false hope that one episode and was slept on!


When Woodam first won the benefit for the group performance evaluation so many people believed that Woodam would continue to steadily rise as one of produce 101’s main vocalist. During the first eliminations unfortunately Woodam ranked 55th which although saved him from elimination it was still a rather low rank based upon Woodam’s talent. However this was due to Mnet airing Woodam’s storyline/win too close to when the voting polls close. Hence although viewers did intend to vote for him, many of them were unable to due to the polls closing so early but nonetheless he survived by the skin of his teeth. From this point Park Woodam held a very good image amongst the viewers and many people viewed Woodam as a dark horse who has the opportunity to rise even higher than expected. For the next round of concept evaluations unfortunately due to Woodam’s low rank he was unable to participate in his desired position as a vocalist and had no choice but be placed into dance. Upon seeing Woodam’s sorrow of not being able to sing many fans both Korean and international pitied him, they even took upon to critiquing a few trainees whom chose vocal position as they believed because of them Woodam was unable to sing. This was quite unfair for both sides as this is a competition so the trainees did nothing wrong by choosing a position they thought would help them shine, however it was also due to this that many viewers once again felt the need to help Woodam surpass the next eliminations so he would be able to sing. From these few episodes Woodam got a small yet decent amount of screen time which kept him in the publics view, however for the concept evaluations Woodam’s screen time was significantly cut. Even though Woodam did leave a great impression on the viewers with his talent it’s unfortunate that his screen time was never consistent enough to truly leave an even stronger lasting impression amongst the viewers. This is definitely Mnet’s fault and is truly unfortunate that so many talented trainees were barely given a chance to showcase off their skills and talents. Even for Showtime despite being the teams main vocalist Woodam received little to no screen time, due to his inconsistent screen time and lack of storyline Woodam was unfortunately eliminated, his final rank was 34th which shows us that due to a lack of screen time he was over looked by viewers hence his ranking dropped from the 20’s and he thus did not receive the amount of votes which he would have deserved.

Edit - also for Showtime live votings the bloody fans gave Woodam two votes because they decided to vote for visuals/favourites as opposed to voting objectively for talent. Also due to hf company announcing his debut with other hf music company, many fans that Woodam had something to go back to as opposed to other trainees who did not have plan bs for debut. Hence this also contributed to his drop in rank and popularity.

Happy Pride Month! <3 Wanted to do something special for it with my kids!