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i tried making an “octoling boy” based on my personal tastes and general knowledge of male octopi.

the octolings’ japanese name is a portmanteau of octopus and amazones, which implies they’re female only, but if you look at sunken scroll 16, having a human form isn’t exclusive to female octarians.

but why don’t any octoboys appear in combat? i don’t know

blubrynight replied to your post: the color symbolism in vld in s1e6 and s3e3…


color symbolism is very important when it comes to anything- be it paintings, shows, or cinema. and as for studio mir, theyve already used the bisexual flag colors to imply korrasami was canon at the end of tlok. these are the same animators. in s1e6 and s3e3 of vld you can spot the bi flag colors AND the gay flag colors along with klance scenes in both. i apologize for not giving you pictures but im busy with an edit at the moment and the episodes are available online if youd like to see it for yourself. its very validating. 

bonus: one of my friends even theorizes that s1e6 “taking flight” is the episode in which keiths feelings for lance “take flight” which actually makes a LOT of sense considering what happened the episode before and how much emphasis they put on keith caring about the bonding moment.


I caved.. this is my f-.. my fu-… my fursona Messa. She’s a maltese and you can fit a list of all her talents on a post-it note

*climbs into trashcan* im home


{14.07.16} // 98 days to O Levels

[2-3/100 days of productivity]

//forgets to post for day 2 because i’m not used to posting so frequently sorry//

anYWAY yesterday I did some revision for Bio Skill 3 SPA and I’m honestly so grateful for doing so cause it helped for the assessment!! Then today I did some organic chem revision because ALKANE’t even. also, look at the contrast between yesterday’s and today’s skies!! [one looks so gloomy while the other’s so bright]

i finally decided to put one of these together

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obv this isnt everyone. i love all of my followers and everyone that i follow immensely, i can’t list all of you. these are the ppl that i thought of immediately

hi! im close to a goal and have way too much free time so i decided to do lyric edits for anyone who wants one! if youd like to see some of the edits i’ve already done, theyre all here


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