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Also, sorry it’s short;;;; I’m writing this while I’m sick and tired and I feel like I’m dying, so I’m just gonna try and get this over with so I can take a nap or just sleep in general =^=

Also, really really sorry. It ended up shorter than I expected. Gosh I’m tired. Anyways, Imm gonna call it done, I don’t know what else to add to it. I’ll probably write something longer in the future

Dipper - Majors in creative writing - 17
Mabel - Majors in mixed media art - 17

Mason - Majors in psychology - 21
Belle - Majors in fashion designer - 21

Tyrone - Majors in sport science - 19
May - Majors in human physiology - 19

(None of the Mabel’s are in it)

“You do realize that most stories like this are quite overused, right? I’m sorry to disappoint you Dipper, but I suggest rewriting this, or starting over, so it won’t end up as a cliché,” Mason sighed, tapping his long and thin fingers on the table.

Dipper groaned, and pressed the heels of his hands against his brown eyes. “Knew it,” he hissed underneath his breath, the corner of his lips curled into a scowl. “Shouldn’t have listened to my peers when they said it would have been easier,” he grumbled under his breath, not removing his small hands from their place on his head.

“I suggest not listening to your peers at all,” Tyrone butted in, taking a seat next to Dipper at the kitchen table. He had a red apple in hand, already taking a bite out of it. “They don’t really help with much at all, really.” The man shrugged, and tipped his chair back, resting his feet on the table, crossing his ankles. He frowned, and took small nibbles out of the red fruit in his hand. “Then again, that’s just me.”

“Feet off of the table, you heathen,” Mason hissed, glaring at Tyrone’s feet. “We eat here, so at least show some respect and get your dirty feet off.” Mason’s face scrunched up a bit as he leaned back in his seat.

Tyrone just stuck his tongue out, before flipping the bird, and continuing to eat his apple. Mason huffed, and decided that dealing with Tyrone could happen later.

“As I was saying earlier,” Mason nodded his head a little, thinking before he continued, “editing this or rewriting it would help very much. I would say that if you just get rid of a few sentences or fix them, then you’ll be good. A solid ‘B’, in my opinion,” he hummed. Mason stopped tapping the table, and glanced up at Dipper and Tyrone, the former still in the same position (and had started groaning softly), and the latter still slowly eating an apple silently. “I.. Wouldn’t want you to rewrite the entire thing of course…” He said slowly, eyeing Dipper. “Are you okay?” Mason asked, tone oddly sympathetic for once.

“Mmmmhmmmmm, a-okay, totally gonna be alright. Yep. All good over here. Totally not gonna have to rewrite the entire thing,” Dipper removed his hands from his eyes, and shifted a bit, before letting his head drop on the table with a soft ‘thump’. “A-okay,” Dipper repeated, giving his brothers a thumbs up, his hand then disappearing underneath the table.

“Think you broke him, bro,” Tyrone commented, twirling his apple on his finger before taking a bite out of it. “Not the first time this happened. I think Mabel said something about this happened when they finished finals. Not sure though.” Tyrone shrugged, finishing his apple. Tossing the core up in the air and catching it, he tossed it at Mason, grinning widely.

Mason glared at Tyrone, catching the apple core. “Ew,” he mumbled distastefully, face scrunching up in disgust. He stood up, and walked over to the trash can, dropping the apple core in it. “Next time, just throw it away,” Mason hissed, glaring at Tyrone.

Tyrone grinned at his older brother, and gave the man finger guns. “Bang,” Tyrone said, his hand moving up a bit so it looked like he shot Mason. Despite it being his fingers.

Mason rolled his blue eyes, sitting back down, crossing his right leg over his left. He put his elbow the table, and rested his chin in the palm of his head. “You sure you’re okay Dipper?” He received a groan in response.

“We’ll take that as a yes!” Tyrone said, smiling. Mason glared at him, and Tyrone just winked at the other brunette.

So. Let’s talk about the hospital room scene with Sherlock and Culverton. Despite it never being said outright, it’s implied that Sherlock had it all planned out, that he knew John would save him. I’m not convinced. Sherlock may be clever, but he had no idea of knowing that John would save him. Sure, he had everything else accounted for, but not even Sherlock could account for how John would react, especially given the events that occurred not too long before.

Here’s the thing: Sherlock experiences suicidal ideation on some level. I won’t be convinced otherwise. In this instance, and others like it where Sherlock knowingly puts himself in a dangerous situation, it’s only passive, but I can almost guarantee that he’s actively thought up suicide plans to the last detail, in an assortment of ways, in the past. There’s no way he hasn’t, if he is so precise in his self administering of drugs. The potential is there for an easy fix, if he just flubs the dosages a bit. It’s there, plain to see, for all who know to look for it. Sherlock couldn’t have known John would come, because John blames Sherlock for Mary’s death. Sherlock killed Mary. John beat the shit out of Sherlock to the point that there was a puddle of blood on the ground. Never before had John hurt him in such a way, even when Sherlock came back after being dead for two years. So, Sherlock blamed himself for Mary’s death. Sherlock blamed himself for causing John, the most important person in his life, pain. Sherlock never fought to see John after Mary’s death, as John made it quite clear he didn’t want to see Sherlock. Sherlock turned back to drugs, because John wasn’t there to stop him, either physically or because Sherlock didn’t want to disappoint him, because Sherlock knew he couldn’t disappoint John any longer. It’s hard to disappoint someone who expects the worst of you and cannot stand to be in your presence.

Sherlock didn’t want to die, but he wouldn’t have minded. Sherlock hoped John would come, but he would be fine if he didn’t. Sherlock was scared to die, because he knew if John came, but was too late, he would be hurting John more, if the man still cared for Sherlock even a little. He was scared to die because if John didn’t come, he would know John didn’t care about him anymore even the slightest bit.

Remember, you don’t tell someone ‘you’re suicidal, you’re allowed chips’ out of the blue like that, especially one you don’t know well or particularly care for. You don’t point something out so bluntly(though that’s par for the course with Sherlock), and you don’t imply that even the smallest of pleasures are okay, even if you feel you might not deserve them. Sherlock isn’t known for being compassionate, nor is he known for his vast emotional intellect. Plus, when Sherlock monologues about ‘taking your own life’, he speaks as if he’s thought about it considerably and finally come to a conclusion. Sherlock was likely projecting.

In short, Sherlock didn’t know John would come for him. He didn’t expect it. He hoped, because dear god, John Watson is everything good in his life, but he was never certain, because behind all the bravado and the false confidence, Sherlock is a man with insecurities, a man who feels but doesn’t understand. He’s starting to, but it’s a long road to understanding emotion when you’ve spent the majority of your life repressing and seeing it as a weakness.

There’s prior evidence to support this, going back as far as ASiP. Sherlock was absolutely going to take the pill, because it didn’t matter if he died. No one would mourn his loss. It wasn’t immediately apparent at that point because the show was shown from John’s point of view, for the most part. John didn’t know Sherlock very well, and Sherlock was hardly comfortable enough to express human emotion, so John likely wrote it off as Sherlock being an adrenaline junkie, a narcissist, someone who had to prove himself right above all else.

Sherlock’s never cared for his life. It’s John who makes his life worth living, and without John, Sherlock would have likely died years ago. “John Watson, you keep me right,” indeed.

New Mesh! This was fun to make. There are a few minor things (at least to me) that I couldn’t fix. Textures/UV map are edited quite a bit from the original EA hairs so I’m not sure if accessory crown/headbands will work with it. Forgot to check. I plan to try to make one that works with it. 

Comes in all 18 EA colors, along with separate files for WMS Naturals and Unnaturals. Not hat compatible. Basegame compatible.

Let me know if anything is wrong for you.

Download ~ Simfileshare

Feel free to recolor just don’t include the mesh.

Credits - EA for the meshes/textures I used

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"9. I hate you so much but last night you were super drunk (which is really weird for you) and trying to get into your place here let me help you you’re gonna have a hell of a hangover", for sprace?

okay it’s very late and I’m very tired. I kinda hate the ending cause I kinda rushed it. I’ll probs rewrite it a bit and post it on ao3, but here ya go for now. Also I didn’t edit any of this so sorryyy. And it might be a bit ooc. Like I said, I’ll fix it all when I post it on ao3. Enjoy, I guess.

Spot woke up with a killer headache. He groaned and blinked a few times, allowing his eyes to adjust to the harsh morning light as he sat up. The pounding in his head was relentless and he considered just laying in bed all day. Spot sighed. He moved to get up, and made a realization.

This was not his bed.

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A few weeks ago I thought it might be fun to try and sketch all the Shadows of Valentia characters. Over the past few weeks I’ve drawn 12 of them in total, including the Alm and Celica ones I posted before. Though I don’t think I’ll be able to draw them all, I’ll see how far I can get. For now here are Kamui, Mae, Boey and Silque.

Some sketches may turn out better than others and since I’m sketching with a ballpoint pen I can’t really erase anything. I do edit them a bit in Photoshop to fix some symmetry issues.

The second batch of sketches can be found here.

Markisona Origins: Wilford and Dark

Chapter Three: Promises, Promises

Ch 1/Ch 2/Ch 2.5/Ch 2.75/Ch 3/Ch 4/???

The “interview” went well, all things considered. Those things obviously being that Dark could hardly answer questions about himself that he barely knew the answers to, yet.

This social interaction thing was pretty new for Dark, mostly because he accidentally gave Mark nightmares the few times he popped over for idle chat. And had proven to be beneficial, for the most part.

But the thing about being alone for… However long it had been since he had came into existence was that sometimes… Socializing was exhausting, so he had to disappear into his own little pocket to get away from Wilford’s unending prattle about literally nothing.

That was another issue, ever since Wilford had shown up, the void had changed. What was once simply a series of never ending gray hallways had turned into a misshapen wasteland of candy and…. Gray faceless people? Whatever the case was, Wilford could easily find him, no matter where he tried to hide.

Dark didn’t understand what was happening, but he knew that he didn’t like it. But before he could attempt to fix it…. There was a little fly he had to swat.

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Su Criticism & Revision II

Mod Kk Edition!

To make managing this blog a bit easier I decided to compile all the criticisms and revisions we’ve done separately from this blog.

So, I’m up. I don’t have nearly as many as Mod Dem, but I do have a few long posts.



Here is a complete dump of my favourite sketches. The top is sort of random characters and OCS, then I have a bit of Disney, and a few bumbleby, and, finally, Overwatch doodles. Sorry, I haven’t been posting lately, but expect more posts like this in the future!

Edit: I have no clue why it has killed the quality? I’ve tried to fix it and can’t so now I’m frustrated and I give up. Sorry.

Gradually, I’m forced to accept who I am. A badly burned girl with no wings.

So he's a bit of a fixer upper
So he's got a few flaws
His peculiar brain, dear, his thing for the reindeer
That's outside a few of nature's laws

So he's a bit of a fixer upper, but this we're certain of
You can fix this fixer upper with a little bit of love

Jin Kim concept art recolor by oftheisles

Citizen’s Soldier- Sam x Reader AU

A/N: I didn’t mean for the preview to end up long enough to be considered a part one, but it kind of happened anyway. This one won’t be touched again for a little while, but it was done being edited before Fuck Away The Pain. I’ve had it on my laptop for a few days now, so I thought I might as well share it. I got the idea after a night of wine, Me Before You, and Dear John. This is based off a dream that followed. It’s not the usual Sam and Dean persona. The characterization might seem a bit surprising, but I hope that it’ll all work out well in the end and not be too far off given the circumstances I’ve thrown them into. Hope you all enjoy! 

Update: Fixed the title and added tags :)

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Warnings: Eventual smut (as usual). Not enough editing, probably (It’s after 2am where I am, so forgive me for anything missed). Kinda angsty/awkward towards the end. Lots of upcoming angst. I believe that is all!

Word Count: Roughly 1700

“Hello?” You walked into the dimly lit bar. It was so quiet you could hear the slight clinking of glass in the distance, and shuffling of others somewhere in the building. Your own footsteps echoing loudly enough that you flinched ever so slightly at every movement.

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I’m so not happy with the quality of writing. I really am not, I need to go through it with a fine tooth comb and edit the hell out of it before it’s ready for posting. But it’s more less written. All the content is there, I just gotta. Fix it up a bit so it reads better. I have a ton of errands to do tomorrow and then my besties are coming to spend Labor Day weekend with me, but I’m going to do my damn best to try and proof it tomorrow if I get a chance.

If I don’t get it up tomorrow, it will be up within the next few days!!!

hey guys! so I just hit a thousand followers which is so cool because I honestly never though that this blog would get popular at all, much less reach a milestone like this. you all are always so sweet and supportive, and reading your tags on my posts and your messages always really makes my day. I decided to do this follower forever to share some of my favorite blogs with you guys. everyone i’ve included is honestly beyond amazing and i’m always floored by how talented and funny they are. i’ve also, of course, included my beautiful mutuals, who are all so wonderful and never fail to brighten up my days. so thank you to everyone who’s followed me for showing so much love, and thank you to everyone listed below for being so fantastic.

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Hey, cyborg queen! So, I just finished the first draft of my play. A teacher once told my class that after finishing a first draft, we shouldn't look at it for a few days to a week so that we could start the editing process a bit more refreshed and possibly with new perspective. What do you think of that? She also said to show the first draft to someone before making changes, but I don't know about that because I know for sure some things NEED to be fixed. What are your thoughts on this?

I usually take a month-long break before I start the editing process. I don’t get the whole show-it-to-someone-else bit. That doesn’t seem necessary for draft one. That’s just my opinion though. 


A few scans from the Outer Science part of the “Making Book”!
Sorry for the bent edges…I couldn’t fix them (´Д`) (except for the last one a bit)
I also tried editing the colors a bit so that they looked exactly like they do irl….sorry if they’re a bit bright

These are the only scans I’ll be posting from that booklet since I felt that only Outer Science really needed some clear shots since the PV was so full of filters.

As always, make sure to buy the album to support Jin and the other artists!

Please do not repost/redistribute these scans elsewhere! Thank you~


Happy Fathers Day!…I guess! 

This entire bit is an inspiration. I guess this is my fathers day bit because my dad likes it, but who doesn’t?

EDIT: Fixed the link! I feel I should include that the video does include a few ableist comments about schizophrenics. I’d take them out if I could, but the rest of the video is gold.