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To me, who was lowly born, she was the sun….” - Guren about Mahiru Maria -
Happy birthday to my sweetest Maria! ♥ (ノ≧∀≦)ノ*:・゚✧


In a few hours’ time, every Fjerdan spy and Shu Han assassin will know what happened on the Fold, and they’ll be coming for you. Our only chance is to get you to Os Alta and behind the palace walls before anyone else realizes what you are. Now, get in the coach.


i had to do it

Happy New Year, everyone~
Haven’t gotten the chance to properly draw stuffs since I’ve been busy with school projects since December, and my previous laptop broke down just one week away from my project presentation.

 It got quite hectic since recording and video-editing took quite a lot of your time and resources to do.

-And then there’s the abomination from a certain tech company with their Win10- The new OS is quite a view huh?

A lot happened back during 2016, half of them wasn’t particularly a pleasant experience. Despite all the bad things, I did have quite a number of good things going around. I didn’t expect to suddenly get a huge amount of following on my Twitter, Pixiv, and Tumblr at the beginning of 2016, and it grew steadily over the preceding months. You guys are a part of reasons that keep me going.

Thank you very much for your support. It probably doesn’t mean much to other people, but it means a lot to me. 

As for 2017.
Well, one thing for sure; it’s my final year of study. That means I will be busy for the whole year with my animation project and paperwork. I’ll still be doing commissions from time to time, but I’ll be opening up less slots than before since my main priority will be on the project itself. 

Again, happy new year~

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POSITITVITY! Sombra from Overwatch is my special interest within my SpIn of Overwatch and WE JUST LEARNED HER NAME IS OLIVIA COLEMAR IM SO FLAPHAPPY

And she’s canonically autistic!



i think symmetra was the one who was confirmed autistic ?

Yes. Google says that’s right. I’m not very familiar with the game and mixed them up. Woops. Sorry.

- Os


2016  videogames (2/?):  oxenfree

Oxenfree is a 2016 adventure video game developed and published by Night School Studio. The game was released for Microsoft Windows, OS X and Xbox One on January 15, 2016, with a PlayStation 4 version scheduled for a later date.  Oxenfree is set on an abandoned island, which is visited by some teenagers for a party, until they accidentally open a supernatural rift.


World of Erion; The Fairy Kingdom, Ringford

Ringford is the forest kingdom of the Fairy race, located in the southern realm of Erion and is known for it’s grand labyrinths of trees and magic that thrives there. Those who resided in Ringford long ago used to travel in tribes, before Elfaria united them all and built up Ringford to be a powerful military power that could even rival the likes of the Demon Lord’s army. Formerly ruled by Queen Elfaria, a dignified queen who, despite her objection to war, continued her fight for the Cauldron to ensure the Fairy race’s survival. The Kingdom is now ruled by Queen Mercedes, Elfaria’s daughter, who despite her youth, grew to be a capable, compassionate leader.

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shoves edward at u bc tell me about the cute bbies

Send me a ship and I’ll tell you about their child(ren)

  • Name: Celeste Edgeworth…? Enns? Edgeworth? Enns? IT’S ONE OF THEM. It COULD be hyphenated but ‘Edgeworth’ is such a long name that I hoped they wouldn’t do that to their kid lmfao
  • Sex/Gender: Female

  • Which parent they take after more (physically): Neither. She’s adopted. But she does have dark hair like Satoshi. She’s also pretty pale in complexion (which makes Edward worry that she’ll get sunburnt easily). 

  • Which parent they take after more (personality): Oddly enough? Satoshi lmfao. His personality just shines through and she quickly picked up on it. Although, she somehow picked up on Edward’s worrying but it’s mostly Satoshi. She’s a bit more reserved than her Dad is though. 

  • Who do they like better: She loves both of her dads very much. And she’s close to both of them. I would say that she favors Edward over Satoshi just, again, because Satoshi is Miles son and he can be a lot more strict than he lets on. 

  • What their Christmas Card/Family Portrait looks like: It’s simple but bright and happy. Satoshi and Edward are both standing and, if she’s young enough, Satoshi is holding Celeste with Edward’s arm around his shoulders/waist.

  • What do they like to do/what games they play: Satoshi got her into surfing (much to Edward’s dismay and Satsuki’s delight). She loves doing that with Satoshi. She’d secretly love to go pro one day but she knows that would cause Edward to have an aneurysm. BUT!! She also loves loves to bake with Edward’s parents. And she ‘cooks’ up a passion for it. (she also lowkey likes to investigate shit). 

  • What does family night consist of: Family nights, again, happen far and few in between. Mostly because of Satoshi’s work as a prosecutor and Edward’s work as a prison warden. BUT they make sure to plan family nights regardless. Usually they’re really simple. They just pick a few movies to watch or a few games to play, order pizza, and have a good time. 

  • FC:

[tomoyo daid/ouji from CCS (or cardcapor saku/ra XD). 


Hey Hi Kaidan,

                        I don’t know if this will reach you or whether you’ll even want to read it but I needed to send a reply. Seeing you on Horizon shook me up too it hurt but I don’t blame you and I don’t need an apology. I would’ve acted the same damn way had I been standing in your shoes, you know me. I died i still have nightmares but someone decided that it wasn’t my time, that I was still needed and Cerberus? They had the tools and they brought me back  I don’t know what or who I am anymore. I don’t understand any of it either but I have to make the best of the second chance I’ve been given, no matter who dealt me this hand. I don’t like them and I certainly don’t trust them I feel like a thousand knives are pointed at my back at every waking hour but the threat is too large. I can’t just ignore this,. I don’t have much time, the Normandy is currently on it’s way to the Omega 4 relay..

….but I needed you to know that I still love you that I still care, that I’ll always remember the night we shared before Ilos and if when if I return then.. well… who knows.

Take care and be safe, at least one of us needs to grow old.
All my love.

PS. You should go for another drink with the Doctor, live whilst you still can.


My holiday gift (Part I) for this fabulous fandom: Mentalist Icons! Thank you all for making my first year with you all such a spectacular one! Though this is our last season, I’m so very glad I get to enjoy with each and every one of you. It’s been an absolute pleasure ♥♥♥

Please feel free to use the icons, no credit need :)


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