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im sorry for the stardew valley posts,,, but im working on sim requests and i just wanted to share some things so my blog isn’t dE Ad while im getting everything together :’’)

also!! im so excited to post my new story thing im working on,,, its been taking me forever to get the basic stuff ready to be posted :’)

MAXIS MATCH TODDLER CC // look at this munchkin ♥ ♥

CC USED: hair // eyelashes // skin // pink dress //

akira and miko make the cutest babies! 

Any questions/suggestions? Ask here!


this is a list of my top five favorite maxis match skinny jeans. trust me, these jeans are a must have and will make for great staple pieces in your custom content collections. all respect and credit goes to each lovely creator. thanks!

                                         (links to cc under the cut)

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