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“I love working with Melissa. Everything we do is just fluid, it’s real. When we opened that door in rehearsal, both of us were breaking down in tears. […] Everything she does is just magic.”

“Daryl has watched her go through that struggle of not being able to kill. If she’s losing herself, what’s the point? He cares more about her than anything, so he lies. […] He’ll lie just to protect her. He cares more about her than he does anything.”

                                    - Norman Reedus, WSC Podcast (Feb 19, 2017)

fulltimefool  asked:

hi soph, would u ever consider making a bio page for all you beautiful simmies? idk if u've ever answered this or im being a bother it just sometimes gets hard to keep track of whose who.. anyways love you n ur sims <3

i tried to make character pages for my gameplay sims but it turns out i’m not quite smart enough to to that just yet hahah,…. i’ll probably try again later because it lowkey is confusing. i have to many sims

so i definitely will,   sometime soon..