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“KoiZora” you guys shuld def. consider watching this drama/movie. Its not Korean, its Japanese. But its very heart touching and very sad. I watched it and cried, and the picture i edit above is my favorite scene. The story is about a boy name Hiro, finds the main-girl character’s, Mika, cellphone, he deletes all her contacts but leaves his in there, he calls her through out their school springbreak not revealing himself until they came back toschool. He made love to her (yes be mature to watch this..) and it was her first love ever, in the end he had broken up with her only because he didn’t want her to know he was suffering cancer. She had found a new boyfriend in this time, but left him to go back to Hiro and help him in the time of need. They spent his last 3 months together in the hospital and a happy bike ride. in the end he didn’t make it after all her prayers, and he told her, he wanted to be the sky once he dies. so he can watch over her.~ its too sweet >3< watch it :3 

The blogs of 2011 ~ no specific order, but i used the same font throughout because i got lazy so some of the names are hard to read?. here is the list.


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Our personal tumblrs and other co-owned tumblrs are listed for that is any purpose of contact need, as to soon this blog will deactivate.

  • ethereallymine (Lina)
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  • b2stlyedits@tumblr (b2st edits) 

Hope you guys have a fantastic 2012, let it serve you well

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