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Supernatural || Destiel || President Castiel James Novak

After years of conservative politicians leading America, Castiel Novak decides it’s time for a change. He’s taking office by storm, and not just in a political way as his Heads of Security, Dean and Sam Winchester seem to have difficulty keeping the new president safe. Sam’s all about staying in the background while Dean likes to always be next to President Novak, seeing things from ‘ground level’. But we all know what happened during the President’s short trip to Hawaii, or rather, everyone who needs to know, knows. 

I put a spell on you, 'cause you're mine 
You better stop the things you do I ain't lyin' [x]

Deanna Winchester works at bar, her adoptive mom’s place named ‘Harvelle’s Roadhouse’. She loves it there, it’s a home of sorts, she knows all the regulars and learns about the passers by. She’s comfortable here.

Of course things change when a newcomer moves into town, whomever they are moves right across from Deanna’s house, they also own a crappy car that makes Deanna cringe in sympathy every time she sees it. She doesn’t know who they are, or what they look like, all she knows is that they like to have music blasting competitions with Deanna, seeing who can blast their music louder until the other one gives up. Deanna usually wins those, classic rock is so much stronger than any alternative crap the next door neighbor listens to.

It’s almost a month after the new neighbor moves in that Deanna gets to see her. She’s doing her normal, working at the Roadhouse when this cute little girl steps right in, awkward as no tomorrow with the brightest blue eyes Deanna’s ever seen. She doesn’t order a drink, instead she walks right over to Ellen and has a conversation with her before going right over to the stage and hopping right up.

Well, that awkward stance of the girl stays about 2.5 seconds before the music starts and then it all falls away, like water off glass she transforms into something beautiful, a siren of sorts. Deanna lasts the whole song without one customer asking for an order, she gets all four minutes to stare at this creature before Ellen walks over and nudges her shoulder. “That Deanna, is Castiel Novak, and she’s going to be the next big thing in this town.”

Those words couldn’t be more true in Deanna’s mind, because Castiel (or Cas as Deanna called her in her mind) had sure as hell become Deanna’s next big thing in under the four minutes she had walked into the bar. Cas starts playing at  the Roadhouse every other night and Deanna’s there for every time. She doesn’t only sing covers, she brings in some of her other stuff as well, stuff that grips at Deanna’s heart and reminds her of all the things she, herself, had lost.

It’s the night that Cas picks Led Zeppelin of all things that Deanna makes her move, how could she not? Cas had been staring at her while singing Whole Lotta Love, maybe it was because Led Zeppelin II was the first album Deanna started to blast when their music competitions started to take place but in all honestly Deanna was pretty sure it was something else entirely.

The moment Cas dropped off of the stage Deanna walked over to her and you can say it’s what doomed them in the end. If by 'dooming’ you mean they started to date, and Cas revealed the fact that yes all the songs were strategically placed to catch Deanna’s attention and yes they worked. And if you mean that Cas ended up writing their wedding song I guess you’re right, but maybe, just maybe 'dooming’ is the wrong word. Because they end up very happy together, even if they have their music competitions in the same house now.