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Save Net Neutrality

Okay guys, I’m from France so I’m not directly concerned, but this shit is bigger than anything.

Basically, net neutrality gives you a free access to the internet.

The US gov wants to stop it. (From what I understood, you guys will have to pay more to access websites, and the content you will have access to might be heavily censored.)

In other words, the gv will be controlling the internet.

Now : what about YouTube? Tumblr? Fb? Twitter? Tumblr? … No more for free

What about study projects? Amazon? Ebay? No fucking more for free.

Are you ready to pay extra to access less than before? Idc where you are from, but just sign the petition, i don’t know if it will help but it costs nothing just to try. Imagine, if the US start, then the rest of the world might just follow…

C'mon guys, it’s an issue bigger than us.

And fyi, tumblr makes you automatically unfollow the #net neutrality after 20 minutes. I just tried and it did to me… Raise your voices guys!!

So sign the petition, now!



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