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‘’The whole point of creating music is that it gives other people something to relate to and gets their emotions going too… You can expect songs based on my personal experiences, your typical songs about heartbreak, falling in love, being attracted to people. “yeah you’ll hear some collaborations on the album. There aren’t any set in stone yet but I definitely have people that I talk to that I want to work with…No I’m really happy with how they all turned out. [The album] It was written almost ten years ago so my music has changed a lot but I’m proud of it… The biggest challenge that I’ve faced musically…I think always trying to outdo yourself is a challenge that can be difficult… I would just tell them to do daily admirations. Tell yourself that you’re beautiful every single day and to learn to love yourself before you love others.


Baby, fineness is the way to kill
Tell me how it feel, bet it’s such a bitter pill
And yeah I know, you thought you had bigger, better things
Bet right now this stings


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