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the paladins ranked from most to least annoying about 4/20

pidge - celebrates 4/20 as if it were a holiday. shes the kind of person that made the videos that were the “dank” version of things like kids shows and stuff. introduces herself not as the green paladin but the instead the “weed paladin” for the entirety of the day. 

lance - considers himself the “weed king”. watches and loves pidge’s dank edits. will yell “420 BLAZE IT” whenever keith uses the fire beam on his lion. owns 12 different colored pairs of weed socks. 

shiro - thought it was really funny when he was a cadet in the garrison. still wears the weed socks that matt got him. tells pidge and lance “happy 4/20″ on the date but thats it. hes left that life behind him.

hunk - has had to deal with pidge and lance’s 4/20 jokes for months at the garrison, never really got the joke or found it funny, but his friends find it funny, so he doesn’t really care 

keith - doesn’t really get the joke, has had to deal with shiro making 4/20 jokes for years. does not tolerate the Tomfoolery.