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“You know, when I got here earlier today, we were sound checking. I was standing on the stage, looking around at an empty arena, and I could only think of this three word phrase, and after sound check anyone I’d run into backstage, people I know people who work with us, all I had on my lips were those three words. I wanna tell you what those three words were. The first one I would like to define, clarify. The first word is we. And when I say we, I don’t just mean me. I don’t just mean that other guy over there on the drums. I don’t just mean our label, booking agency, publishing, all those people who are here tonight checking us out, watching what it is that you guys created. It’s not just our family, it’s not just our friends, it’s not just the other bands who play with us. It’s not this amazing crew that tours with us. It’s not just… our amazing crew that tours with us, again. And somehow it’s not just you guys in this room, but it’s the thousands of other people who are going to hear about this show, too. It’s all of us combined. Listen. So that was just to define the first word: we. That’s what I mean when I say we. The phrase is this. I couldn’t stop saying it all day. Anyone I saw, they just said ‘what do you think of this, man?’ I just said ‘we did it’. Listen. Every single one of you that listen to me say that right now, you can yell afterwards. This is a celebration. WE DID IT!