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People have been asking me where this WME video went and now it´s back. ;) ((Had to reupload the video because I forgot a credit. :P))

I will also reupload my mermaid Cinderella and my maskings here on my second channel. :D


The Maiden and the Scoundrel

Author: @appleblossomgirl0305

Prompt: #63 Historical AU: Katniss has been engaged to Peeta’s older brother since they were children, but upon meeting a Capitolite, the groom-to-be breaks the engagement, leaving Katniss devastated and feeling rejected. To avoid more scandal and losing K’s dowry, the Mellark’s hurry to offer a new betrothal to their youngest son. Neither P or K are very happy about the new arrangement, P is a known womanizer and K is too puritanical. They gradually fall in love… make it as smutty as you like :) (submitted by @alliswell21)

Rating: M

Trigger warnings: arranged marriage, mentions of slavery, heavy drinking (drunk!Peeta)

A/N: I had the absolute best intentions to get this story done by the EFE deadline, but alas, it’s not finished. This is the first chapter, more to come. This was an amazing prompt and I have loved revisiting some of my favorite Jane Austen stories for inspiration. I have more in store for these two.

Betaing magic and much needed moral support by the incomparable @xerxia31. @alliswell21, thanks for this wonderfuul prompt, I hope I do it justice. @javistg, thanks so much for this fantastic challenge and opportunity to collaborate!

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Patrick Paparella knows how to draw attention on this awesome Mercedes-AMG G 63 Edition 463.

Picture for #MBsocialcar.

[Mercedes-AMG G 63 Edition 463 | Combined fuel consumption: 13.8 l/100km | Combined CO₂ emissions: 322g/km |http://mb4.me/EfficiencyStatement]


One of the reasons why I like sex-swapping “man to woman” is because it is easier to bring forth diversity, something that is well needed amongst the animated ladies. There is only one woman in the main cast in Iron Giant (which is a separate issue) and her design is the typical “pretty face with a petit, slim hourglass figure” which we are so used to seeing. So “Deana” makes me happy! <3

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