YOUSEF: I’m hurt because you never replied to my meme.

SANA: The children around you are hurt because you’re chatting during work. 

YOUSEF: Hah! I’m free on Mondays. Thought you were clever now

YOUSEF: How’s the russ bus?

SANA: It’s fine if you tell me how to make 300 000 kr quick.


SANA: How much do you think I’ll get for Elias’ organs?

YOUSEF: I don’t think you’ll get much for those

YOUSEF: But if that bus is so important to you, I can sell my kidneys. Anything for you girl.

SANA: Hahahah. Thanks. But I don’t wanna take your kidney


SANA: You’re gonna need it as a football coach

SANA: Because my team is gonna CRUSH your team!!

SANA: And I don’t think it’s any fun to win against a team with a weak coach

YOUSEF: Huh?! Do you think my 12-player team is gonna lose to your 2-player team?

SANA: I’m not having a football team. I’m having a basketball team. 

SANA: And yes, easy. No matter the sport

YOUSEF: Haha, liking the confidence

YOUSEF: Game on