“The only part of S1 Emma I want back are the sheer tops, her taking off her shirt, and her answering the door in a tank top and panties.

“Emma Swan in the robe more PLEASE

            ❤  Happy birthday to the most sweetest, the kindest bean of all the time,                                                    @swanemma​ -  Maya! ilysm and ENJOY THIS WONDERFUL DAY  ❤


12.05.17 || Happy 34th birthday, Domhnall!

Any mistakes I made probably had to be made, to learn from them. I think often you have to make the mistake yourself, to really learn it. But the advice I would offer myself, is you know try to get to bed on time, it would be pretty straightforward stuff. But even then, you’d still end up staying up late, and watching crap on Netflix, so any lesson you tell yourself you might not learn from until you make the mistake.