Help Me Make it Through the Night

Annie misses a meeting with Frankie and knowing her like he does Jeff finds Annie hiding out in a storage closet but is surprised by the blue pills she keeps in her backpack and Jeff gets a hard reminder that for an addict, the fight is never over, also this is my first time writing Jeff x Annie

Jeff was already holding his cell phone in his hand when it vibrated so he saw immediately that Frankie was calling him, which was weird because she knew he was in class and she didn’t seem like the kind of person who would intentionally disrupt the learning process but since he was happy to have any reason to ditch class he stood up and stepped out of the room, closing the door behind him.

“What’s up?”

“Sorry to bother you, I know you’re teaching.”

“Not today, pop quiz. What did you need.”

“It, uh, it’s not me,” she managed to get out and Jeff felt a small worm of worry move around in his gut.


“Annie was supposed to meet me for a follow up about committee business but she didn’t show.”

“Have you tried calling her?” he suggested but his sarcasm seemed to go over her head.

“Multiple times, it just goes straight to her voicemail. Her car is still here but no one’s seen her since her last class an hour ago.”

Jeff quickly went through possible scenarios, Annie had just gotten her six month tune up last week so it wasn’t car problems, Abed had sent out a text earlier that day saying he was doing something…Abed-ish and wouldn’t be available until the meeting later so he hadn’t picked up Annie to do something. Britta was doing her psych research and he was beginning to realize he knew entirely too much about his friends’ lives.

And it left him with only one conclusion which would explain Annie’s mysterious disappearance and more importantly why she would miss out a meeting.

Jeff turned on his heels, opened the door to his classroom and waited till he had the attention of the 20 or so students before speaking, “Hey, once you’re done with the quiz you can leave. Whoever collects the quizzes and puts them on my desk gets extra credit.”

On the other end of the phone he heard Frankie’s confusion, “Jeff? I don’t think-“

“I’m pretty sure I know where she’s going to be,” he told her as he moved down the halls. “I’ll text you when I know she’s okay.”

“Okay, good. I feel kind of stupid for worrying, but it just didn’t seem like Annie to not let me know she wouldn’t be able to make our meeting.”

“No, you made the right call,” he assured her but he was too distracted to put much effort into sounding sincere. “Thanks.”

He hung up the phone and stuck it in his back pocket and finally found his way to the storage closest where Annie had once found him a few years ago after she’d publicly embarrassed him but when he tried to turn the knob it was locked. With a sigh he dropped his head heavily against the door.

“Annie, open the door or I’ll get Chang to break in for me.”

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Okay, Ultron is a rogue A.I. built with code from space aliens that Tony Stark wants to use to power a fleet of fascist Iron Man drones who will police the world. This is essentially a dingus supervillain plan all on its own, and that’s the IDEAL OUTCOME that Ultron eventually shits up. But right off the bat, Stark is building a fucking alien Skynet with a fleet of pre-built Iron Man terminators.

(Also, how the hell is there “code” in the Mind Gem that Stark can use? This is CSI: Tuscaloosa-level tech fuckery. Marvel has a longstanding “all magic is just technology you don’t understand yet” schtick, but come on, this is Thomas Edison finding an iPod, then using it to reverse-engineer Facebook and nail Zuckerberg’s wife. “Code!” Christ.)

Here are 10 Rules of Napoleon Hill

Armed only with a letter of introduction from Andrew Carnegie (was the richest man in the world in the early 20th century) , Hill set out to interview over 500 people of the caliber of Henry Ford, Thomas Edison, Alexander Graham Bell, John D. Rockefeller, George Eastman, William Wrigley Jr. and Charles M. Schwab. Here are 10 rules of Napoleon Hill and what he discovered during his years of research.

  1. Know what you want and believe that you can, and will, get it.
  2. Master the negative habits which stand between you and success.
  3. Develop the positive habits you’ll need in order to succeed. That is, the positive habits that will lead to sound health, peace of mind, and a positive mental attitude.
  4. Start each day with an expression of gratitude.
  5. Don’t allow trivial matters to turn into major controversies.
  6. Don’t allow yourself to be drawn into arguments over unimportant subjects.
  7. Always keep your mind engaged in thinking of what you want. Refuse to think of those things which you do not want.
  8. If you’re ever feeling sorry for yourself, look around until you find someone who is worse off than yourself and start where you stand to help that person. Make this a habit and you will experience one of the great miracles of life: that which you do to or for others, you do to or for yourself
  9. Choose someone who is the sort of person you would like to be. Then, use that person as a role model and emulate them.
  10. Keep thinking of what you want, and keep believing that you can achieve it, in spite of naysayers and any temporary failures, or setbacks, you may encounter.

You will find more success principles and rules in his books Think and Grow Rich and The Law of Success

  1. Napoleon Hill really discovered how the mind works! And how you can let the mind work for you to getting everything you want.