THEME IV. — by edisons

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after noticing some glitches in my other codes, i’ve decided to post my new themes in a new tag. the same, basic rules apply. like / reblog (or both) if using. don’t claim as your own, don’t use as a base code and please don’t redistribute. if you notice any faults with the theme, or just need some help, just send me a message.


- 100px sidebar icon image
- four custom links
- 500px posts
- container
- update tabs

something that’s just so… next level to me is that the biggest reason that the film industry is in california is because in the early 1900s edison formed a lot of methods for creating films, but the film-makers didn’t want to pay him for use of his patents so they went to california, and because edison needed his lawyers on the east coast, they used his methods and equipment under their own names without lawsuit

so, along with the good weather, the reason that the entertainment industry is largely based out of hollywood and california is so that thomas edison could be ripped off and this is the largest reason i have respect for the film industry