edinburgh photographs

On 17th June 2017 @raceofhearts and I got married in a small civil ceremony in Edinburgh.

We’ve been together for over five years and it all started because a friend - the kind, joyful and a bit overenthusiastic Johnny, who sadly isn’t with us anymore - showed us Changeling: The Lost rulebook. We all played together for several years and between discussing plotlines, creating character growth for our Changelings and debating alternative outcomes, we slowly fel in love.

It was a disaster - we lived half a country apart, one of us was taken, we were both women and in general when asked by close friends “does she know though?” we both answered with a sound “hell no and she won’t, I’m not in a mood to ruin her life”.

And then things changed.

When I was almost sure there is a chance I sent her a picture of two otters holding each other’s paws with a text “Otters hold hands when they sleep so they don’t float away. Will you be my significant otter?”. I obviously handwaved it as “oh look, what a cute picture, hahaha” but somehow it stuck to us. When we FINALLY got together, our friends called us Otters.

And now, five years and a half later, I’m the happiest otter that ever lived.

Otters hold each other’s hands.