edinburgh marathon festival


I am not sure why it has taken me a week to finally sit down and write this and I’m not sure why now, but I think it might have something to do with the medal insert with my race time arriving today! Last weekend I travelled up to Edinburgh with several friends and my folks for the Edinburgh Marathon Festival. This weekend has proved to be quite a logistical challenge (we didn’t arrive to 01:45 on Saturday morning!) in the build up and throughout the weekend, but it was an absolute blast. Both me and Ela ran the half marathon on the Sunday. Despite my lack of training I set a new PB of 1:57:31, which I am delighted with. My target was just to run under two hours and I was worried the whole way round that I’d gone off to fast and needed to slow down, but I just couldn’t. It just goes to show the impact a crowd and several thousand other runners can have on your performance! And I am so proud of my girl for running her first ever HM and setting the awesome time of 2:05:15. We didn’t get to run together but managed to get a high five in on the dog leg in the route and she had a huge grin on her face which was just wonderful. My brother and three of our friends ran the marathon relay on the Sunday too. They managed to come in with a team time of 4:36:54. I’m really quite proud of my brother running the farthest he’s ever run on what a super windy and boring stretch of the route. Well done Mike! The HM started at 08:00 and the marathon/relay at 10:00. So after finishing me, Ela and my folks had a good hour+ until any of our friends made it to where we were so we got a cup of coffee and made our way to somewhere where we could cheer on all the other runners. I had an absolutely great afternoon cheering on all the marathon runners (we actual only got to spot one of our friends!) The atmosphere was awesome and the runners put in a really big effort with what was a horrible wind. I hope my cheers and high fives helped them, especially those whose were struggling where we were just 500m from the end - I had to help one guy stretch because his cramp was so bad he couldn’t stand. Despite the troubles we all had it was an absolutely fantastic weekend. Everyone did so well and my folks were amazing for driving us all up there and being there to cheer everyone on. I can’t believe it has taken me this long to write this, and I know my mum has been waiting to read it, but here it is! Another run done, one more medal for the collection, and a new PB set!