edinburgh half marathon

Edinburgh Half Marathon and Meeting 'the internet' (Shh...)

So on Friday I headed to the airport and caught my flight to Scotland! I was really excited to be headed to the UK and to get to meet some great Tumblrees. I arrived pretty late and headed straight to bed.

On Saturday I got up pretty early and went to watch the junior/5K/10K races. That was pretty fun.. I just love watching running of any kind and it was really warm so a good day for watching. Then I met up with the lovely Jasmine and her boyfriend and we went to collect our numbers. I learned I was starting in the fastest pen which made me go *gulp*

Later we met up with various other Tumblrs and headed to Marie, John, Sonja and Laura’s apartment for some eats and Eurovision. I showed myself as the boring person I am and headed home at around 9 (might even have been 8:30??) to catch some sleep.

Up at 4:45, I had my usual breakfast of oats and banana, dressed, applied by sun cream and bodyglide and headed for the start! All the half marathoners started from the same start at Regent road and when I got there (admitedly about 90 minutes early), the place was deserted. I wandered arounf a little and made a few bathroom trips before dropping off my bag and doing my usual warm up.

Before I knew it the gun went and we were off. My plan was to hold 7:00 mile the whole course so I had to hold back a little on the down hills and push on on the up hills. The first mile marker came and my watch read 7:53. I paniced a little but then assured myself that the marker was in the wrong place. Sure enough, the lap time at the mile 2 marker read 6:06, suggesting the mile 1 marker was wrong. My watch read a 7:00 average the whole way.

From there until about 10 miles was pretty uneventful. I was holding my pace and found myself running with a guy who spent much of the way singing to himself. Once I reached around 10 miles the temperature had risen significantly and it was getting hard to hold the pace. All I could think about was water! I pushed on as much as I could but had to stop to stretch the damn calves at about 12.5 miles, at which point I wondered if i would make it to the end!

Of course I did and I finished with an official time of 1:31:50, a PR by a little under a minute. My 10K split was 43:28, so another PR!

I feel like I should be happier about the result, but I never really trained towards this race, it was just a ‘we’ll see what happens!’. Perhaps a good time is sweeter when there is a lot of hard work behind it! (Or maybe I’m too tired to be really happy!).

I celebrated with some ice cream. That was good. It was really great to meet everyone! Sorry I’m so boring!

Well this has certainly lifted my spirits! Two years since my first half marathon and I’m starting full marathon training next week. It’s taken me a long time and there’s been a fair few set backs (having to withdraw from last years marathon being the main one) but I’m determined to cross that finish line and be able to call myself a marathoner.

EMF & Marathon Training.

This Sunday is the Edinburgh Marathon Festival. I’m not running it this year but last year I went there and did my very first half marathon so I currently have all the feels.

On Tuesday I was meant to run 3 miles, I managed less than 2. On Wednesday I was meant to run 5 miles, I managed 4.25. Yesterday I was meant to run 3 miles and ended up taking a rest day.

It’s disheartening. It’s hard to know I have a 9 mile long run tomorrow when sometimes even just running 5k feels like a challenge. Last Sunday I managed the 8 mile run but I had to take 2 short walking breaks to get me through it.

I’m trying to train for the Yorkshire marathon but I’m not at the level of fitness I was when I did the EMF and the GNR.

Oddly enough, dwelling on it has given me a little bit of positivity. It’s reminding me of all those early runs I did during half marathon training where I would think to myself ‘Oh god, I’m never going to be able to run 13.1 miles’.

That’s whats going through my mind now 'Oh god, I’m never going to be able to run 26.2 miles’.

So my endurance has taken a hit, my pace has slowed dramatically and my confidence has taken a knock but I can build that stuff up again. I just need to be patient. I’m reminding myself that once upon a time I struggled to even run for a minute.

I ran the half marathons and I’ll be able to run this marathon.

Plus, I haven’t had a seizure in two weeks now which was how my running got waylaid in the first place. Keeping my fingers very tightly crossed that the medication increase has done the trick.

Half Recap

So now that an appropriate amount of time has passed, and I have the house to myself for writing, here is a recap of the Edinburgh Half Marathon.  This is a pretty boring entry, as I’m having a lot of difficulty putting the whole experience into words.  This race was such a huge deal to me and I almost cried during it like five times I was so proud of myself.  I can’t explain it.  It was such a huge deal in my life.  Before the cut, I’d just like to say thanks to Amy for the entry to the half, as I probably never would have had the guts to run one otherwise.

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