• Why other people like Scotland:Edinburgh castle, loch ness monster, we got hella good whisky and Pantomimes.
  • Why I love Scotland:Ron Swanson loves Scotland. Dean and sam travelled to Scotland. Crowley comes from Scotland. Taylor Swift is dating a Scottish guy. John Barrowman.

[The interviewer follows Kurt Cobain into his kitchen at his Seattle home, July 1st, 1993.]

Interviewer: “So how much of the album is remixed?”

Kurt Cobain: “Just two were both remixed by Scott Litt. "Pennyroyal Tea” & “All Apologies.”

[Kurt begins buttering his freshly cooked warm toast.]

Interviewer: “Do you plan on continuing to live in Seattle?”

Kurt Cobain: “Yeah. There are just two places in the world where I’d live, Seattle or Scotland.”

Interviewer: “What part of Scotland?”

Kurt Cobain: “I don’t know, probably Edinburgh.”

[Kurt sits at his dining room table now with four slices of toast and a cup of hot chocolate as the interviewer begins to leave.]

Interviewer: “Well thank you for the interview, the tea and the album. Everything.”

Kurt Cobain: “No problem.”