In the skyship(#UFO) #Enlil and #Ninmah to #Eridu returned. On the way Enlil to her the landscape showed, the #Edin’s(#GardenOfEden) extent to her he showed, From the skies Enlil to her his plans explained. An everlasting plan have I designed! to her he was saying.That which for all time construction shall determine I have laid out; Away from Eridu, where dry land begins, my quarters shall be, Laarsa will be its name, a place for directing it shall become. On the banks of the Burannu, the River of Deep Waters, will it be located, A twin thereof a city shall in future arise, Lagash I shall name it. Between the two on the plans a line have I drawn, Sixty leagues thereafter a healing city shall come into being, A city of your own it shall be, Shurubak, the Haven City, I shall name it. On the center line it shall be located, to the fourth city it shall be leading; Nibru-ki, Earth’s Crossing Place, I will name it, a Bond Heaven-Earth(Control Tower) in it I shall establish. The Tablets of Destinies it shall house, all missions it will control! With Eridu five cities there shall be counted, to eternity, they shall exist! On a crystal tablet(computer) Enlil to Ninmah the master plan was showing; On the tablet she saw more markings, of them of Enlil she inquired. Beyond the five cities, a Chariot Place(stargate) I shall henceforth build, From Nibiru to Earth directly to arrive!(Direct through the portal) Enlil to her was responding. The 5th Tablet. #Sumerians #Anunnaki #4biddenknowledge

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Rio Dreams: Epilogue

I couldn’t leave it at that last part and I also didn’t think it was fair to wait to post this. Part 4 also posted and this will more sense if you read that one first.

Chapter index:  I  Part 1  I  Part 2  I  Part 3  I Part 4 I

Toyko July 24, 2020

The opening ceremony was far different than it had been four years ago.  Not that it was any better or worse, but some of the magic was gone for Anna. Sitting there in the stands with the rest of the audience this time had only managed to take her back to that night when she sat in absolute awe next to him. How it seemed that anything was possible and every athlete had a chance for glory.  Still, she realized that most of the wonder that night had come from all the all touches.  Their legs next to each other.  How she felt absolutely comfortable leaning into a complete stranger.   That moment when he put his arm around her and they shared something that so few people in this world got to experience.  Anna would never forget every detail of that night as long as she lived and she’d be forever linked to Kristoff because of it.

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mekanda oturuyorduk. yan masada iki tane bayan var.

birisi böyle salya sümük ağlıyor. Sevgilisinden ayrılmış galiba aldatılmış.

ağlayarak anlatıyor olayı. bi 15 dk falan anlattı.

Cümleyi “amınakoduğum çocuğunu çok seviyorum lan” diyerek bitirdi kız.

Karşısındaki kız arkadaşıda “ama o seni sevmiyor” dedi ve kız kalkıp gitti şdkshgdşhs

üzücü bir durum ama bu kadarda realist olunmazki amk 

Rio Dreams Part 3

Getting closer to the end now.  There will one more part after this one.

Chapter Index: I  Part 1  l  Part 2 I

Anna sat on her hands attempting to keep her nerves under control.  She scanned the crowded stadium amazed at how many people were here to see the game.  Her feet started tamping to expel all her pent up energy and she finally gave up and moved her hands to her lap, wringing them together.  This was the second game she attended and she hoped she’d have better grasp of the game than the last one.  Anna felt like she asked Kristoff a thousand questions afterwards, which he patiently answered each one.  That was until he seemed to decide that section of the evening was over, pressing his body to Anna as he kissed her.  She had no protests moving on as she tugged at the nape of his neck, pulling him even closer.

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Bir hayvanseverin dramı

Geçen akşam 6. kattaki evime girmek uzereyken, o kata kadar nasıl geldiği belli olmayan minnak bi kedinin kapımın tam karşısındaki kücük pencereden aşağı bakarak durmaksızın miyavladığını gördüm. Eve girip biraz mama alıp kedinin yanına gittim, mamayla kandırmaya çalısıp yanıma çağırdım. Amacım onu alıp tekrar aşagı bırakmaktı, annesini arıyordur diye düsündüm. Ama o naptı? Bi bana baktı, bi altı kata asağıya baktı, sanırım beni altı kat yükseklikten daha korkutucu buldu. Ve atladı..

Rio Dreams Part 4

Wrapping this for these two.  Let’s see what happens now that the games are finished.  A special thanks to @lacejill​ for the idea that Kristoff needed to meet Olaf.

Chapter index:  I  Part 1  I  Part 2  I  Part 3  I  Epilogue  I

“Anna, why are we here?” Kristoff asked looking up in confusion at the entrance to the equestrian fields.

“You’ll see in a minute,” she said turning in front of him and grasping his hand in both of hers.

This was not what Kristoff was expecting.  When they discussed what they would do today, it involved each of them picking something and surprising the other.  Anna’s pick was first and while he had anticipated something out of the ordinary, this was nowhere near to what he would have ever guessed.  It took him awhile to realize she was leading him to the stables.

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