Thicket’s “Am I Cursed?” Questionnaire

This list is heavily inspired by Jason Miller’s fantastic book, Protection & Reversal Magick. I would highly recommend it to anyone.

Let me explain the use of this list. A lot of people message me asking if they have been cursed or have malicious spirits around them. Instead of typing out the same questions over and over, I am going to ask people to fill out this questionnaire and send it to me so I can have some basic information. Then, I am going to interpret their answers. Simply answering “yes” to some or even a lot of these questions does NOT automatically mean you have been cursed. If you happen to see this list floating around and become concerned for yourself, shoot me a message and we can talk about it. Otherwise, don’t make yourself panic. This is not a cosmic quiz that automatically proves or disproves anything. Remember also that some of these questions are for my personal edification and may not be directly related to curses or attacks.

To the people I send this quiz to: Please reply to each question thoroughly, providing as much information as you can. Either post this questionnaire to your blog and send me the link, or paste it in to a private message in parts.

What are your primary symptoms and complaints?

How long has this been going on for? Can you remember exactly when it started?

When these events started to happen, were you involved in anything special in your life? For example, changing spiritualities, making a vow to change your life, casting a spell, moving houses, getting in to a relationship, or anything important at all.

Do you consider yourself to be a magical practitioner?

Do you consider yourself to be gifted either magically or psychically?

What are your dreams like? Do you dream regularly? Have your dreams changed in nature since you started experiencing your symptoms? Please describe any recurring or important dreams you have, including how they make you feel.

How do you feel overall about yourself and your life?

How old are you? Please answer as accurately as you are comfortable with.

Do you feel as if you are “out of step” with time? As if you cannot quite arrive anywhere at the right moment?

Do objects tend to break or fall apart when you handle them? When you pick up objects, do they tend to fall?

How do people treat you? Have you noticed a difference in the way people act towards you since your symptoms started?

How is your financial situation? Is it difficult for you to have enough money right now? Are you constantly bombarded with unexpected expenses?

How are things with your partner? Has your relationship changed since your symptoms started?

How are things with your job?

Has anyone claimed to have cursed you? Is there someone you suspect as having cursed you? If so, please explain the situation.

Do you have feelings of being watched? If so, where do these feelings occur and where are they the most serious?

Do you feel as if you are being followed, even if nothing is ever there when you look?

When you close your eyes and relax, such as to fall asleep or meditate, do you have flashes or images of anything, especially recurring images? If so what are they and how do they make you feel?

Are you experiencing feelings of despair, oppression, or fear without any identifiable cause? If you suffer from depression or another mental illness, do you think these feelings are related to your mental illness?

Have you begun to see shadows, hear phantom sounds, or smell strange things with no identifiable source? Do you have a mental illness that can also produce these symptoms? If you answer “yes” to both, please explain why you do not think these instances are a part of your mental illness.

Are you experiencing any uncharacteristic compulsions? Do you want to do, say, or think things that are very much out of character for you? If so, how regularly do you feel this, and when did these compulsions start?

Do you suffer from headaches? If so, please explain how your headaches feel, how intense they are, and how long they last. Do they start at a certain time of day? Are they triggered by anything?

Do you suffer from insomnia? When did this start?

Do you suffer from fatigue? If so, how serious is it?

Do you experience sleep paralysis? If so, what do you see or hear during this time of paralysis?

Do you experience strange and unexplained body pains? If so, where are they located? How would you describe the feeling of them? How intense is your pain?

Do you ever get strange, unexplained bruises? If so, where? What do your bruises look like?

Are you regularly ill, such as with a cold or with a variety of cold or flu-like symptoms? Is this normal for you, or did it change recently?

How is your sex drive? Has it increased, decreased, or stayed the same since your other symptoms started? If it has changed, can you think of any mundane reason (such as taking a new medication or gaining a new romantic partner) that could have changed your sex drive?

How is your digestive system? Answer this one privately if you prefer. Do you have trouble with your appetite or relieving yourself? Do certain foods make you sick for no reason? If so, which foods?

Do any of your symptoms get worse when you start thinking about magic, reading about magic, or practicing magic?

Do any of your symptoms get worse when you start thinking about how you can cure your problem or taking active steps to do so?

Have you been seeing doctors to treat your physical and mental symptoms, if any? If not, why not?

Do you experience any omens or physical events that seem very important or special to you? If so, please describe them. Examples might be repeatedly seeing one type of bird, seeing a dead animal where you did not expect one to be, or seeing significant words or phrases in your everyday life.

How do animals act around you? Has their behavior changed since your symptoms started?

How does taking this quiz make you feel?

celticpyro  asked:

Hey, sorry you're getting a lot of negative feedback from that post you made (the one about things Christian bloggers need to avoid).

No problem.

I specifically brought up things I think are blind spots for a lot of people. As frustrating as it is that there are people who think they can somehow be a Christian and not believe God’s word is truth, I wasn’t really talking to those people, or trying to be combative. My goal is the edification of believers. There are a lot of people, even on my dash, who (if you asked them privately) would tell you that God says homosexuality is wrong, and yet are posting fanart and fic romanticizing homosexuality.

For Your Edification


The sunset over the pier was beautiful, reds and oranges bouncing off the black water, he almost thought he wouldn’t mind taking a stroll down it with Lilly when he got home. It was the earliest he had been home all week, a few of the department’s cases holding him over into the wee hours of the morning. It was one of those things that he tried not to let happen and in his own defense he had been doing much better but sometimes you just didn’t have a say when you were working with the FBI to bring down a crime syndicate.

Pulling into the drive way he put the car in park taking a deep breath to clear his head of work. He was getting better about that to over the last few months, he was almost sure that had something to do with Spencer but he wasn’t looking into that too far.

Oddly enough Spencer had become some kind of saint to him and Lilly and he honestly didn’t think he would have made it through the last few months as Chief of Police if he hadn’t had him around and living with him. He’d been a tremendous help to Lilly, to the house and to his own piece of mind. He didn’t worry with Spencer home anymore. He knew his daughter was safe, which was saying something because the man had a knack for creating trouble when there was any but he had been good to his daughter and that was more than he could ask for. He actually wasn’t sure what he would do if the man ever decided to get his own place or another job that wasn’t 24 hour Lilly day care.

Getting out of the car he loosened his tie and undid the first button of his shirt as he made his way to the front door ready to relax for the evening, have a few beers, maybe a perfectly aged scotch and spend some quality time with his little booger.

“Spencer, Booger, I’m home,” he called dropping his keys, wallet and watch into the bowl by the door, briefcase sitting next to it, gun and badge to follow as he waited for an answer. He’d seen Spencer’s bike outside, along with the Prius so he knew they were there.

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I didn't know you got your penname from a Beyonce song. I just thought you liked cake A LOT. lol

That is amazing, I love you for this. While I do enjoy a good cupcake from time to time, no, not quite, lmao. 

But for your edification, here’s the song!:


According to Bulbapedia, the spiral design on Poliwhirl’s belly isn’t just a design. That’s the Pokemon’s organs showing through its skin. I thought I’d dig up a few examples of real-world critters with similarly transparent exteriors for y’all’s edification.

First, let’s start with some glass froggery, seeing as how that’s apparently the specific critter the Poliwhirl is based on. From https://imgur.com/gallery/Lf8iK:

From Paul A. Zahl of National Geographic:

Over in the aquarium trade, we have the glass catfish, of Malaysian origin. The innards are in the silver part towards the front:

Our good friends at the Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute have been kind enough to take pictures of a partial competitor in the animal transparency department, the barreleye fish. The body is opaque but the head is clear- its eyes are the green upward-pointing parts. Not the same visible innards as Poliwhirl, but hey, it counts.

(Those things at the front are its nostrils.)

Down in the Amazon we’ve got another see-through fish, although it’s not suitable for aquaria. Meet Cyanogaster noctivaga:

I could keep going, but to be honest most of the rest that come to mind are either invertebrates, or other species of frog with transparent/semitransparent tadpoles. These seemed a little closer to ‘nope, Pokemon aren’t the only vertebrates with visible innards’. Thought I’d share.

literally last fucking night i reblogged something about antisemitism in the Green Party and posted a screencap of a weird twitter douchebag being blatantly antisemitic for everyone’s edification but sure i’m the fucking nazi