How to tell fake news from real news

In November 2016, Stanford University researchers made an alarming discovery: across the US, many students can’t tell the difference between a reported news article, a persuasive opinion piece, and a corporate ad. This lack of media literacy makes young people vulnerable to getting duped by “fake news” — which can have real consequences.

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Want to strengthen your own ability to tell real news from fake news? Start by asking these five questions of any news item.

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Who wrote it? Real news contains the real byline of a real journalist dedicated to the truth. Fake news (including “sponsored content” and traditional corporate ads) does not. Once you find the byline, look at the writer’s bio. This can help you identify whether the item you’re reading is a reported news article (written by a journalist with the intent to inform), a persuasive opinion piece (written by an industry expert with a point of view), or something else entirely.

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What claims does it make? Real news — like these Pulitzer Prize winning articles — will include multiple primary sources when discussing a controversial claim. Fake news may include fake sources, false urls, and/or “alternative facts” that can be disproven through further research. When in doubt, dig deeper. Facts can be verified.

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When was it published? Look at the publication date. If it’s breaking news, be extra careful. Use this tipsheet to decode breaking news.

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Where was it published? Real news is published by trustworthy media outlets with a strong fact-checking record, such as the BBC, NPR, ProPublica, Mother Jones, and Wired. (To learn more about any media outlet, look at their About page and examine their published body of work.) If you get your news primarily via social media, try to verify that the information is accurate before you share it. (On Twitter, for example, you might look for the blue “verified” checkmark next to a media outlet name to double-check a publication source before sharing a link.)

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How does it make you feel? Fake news, like all propaganda, is designed to make you feel strong emotions. So if you read a news item that makes you feel super angry, pause and take a deep breath. Then, double-check the item’s claims by comparing it to the news on any three of the media outlets listed above — and decide for yourself if the item is real news or fake news. Bottom line: Don’t believe everything you read. There is no substitute for critical thinking.

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If you get in the habit of asking all 5 of these questions whenever you read a news article, then your basic news literacy skills will start to grow stronger. However, these are just the basics! To dive deeper into news and media literacy, watch the TED-Ed Lesson: How to choose your news. To find out more about what students need, read the Stanford University report, published here.

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Laura McClure is an award-winning journalist and the TED-Ed Editor. To learn something new every week, sign up here for the TED-Ed Newsletter.

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Song: THE QUIET- Troye Sivan


                                                                   under the sea 
                                                                   darling it’s better 
                                                                   down where it’s wetter 
                                                                   take it from me.

Me: You know, the way video games model relationships as transactional exchanges undertaken purely for the edification or material benefit of the initiating party has a lot of unfortunate implications.

Also me, completely unironically: I’m sorry, you haven’t ground enough Social Link XP to unlock my tragic backstory yet.

This is one of my favorite mashups featuring Tina Belcher and Jimmy Junior Pesto from Bob’s Burgers as Sam and Suzy from Moonrise Kingdom.

I call it ‘Erotic Friend Fiction: Moonbutt Kingdom

Edification Nation

Alright, so, we are watching and reading a story where we have dragons and direwolves as pets, where people come back from the death, where a girl changes her face, voice and body shape and is an incredible asesine. Where we have an army of ice inmortal zombies, and giants. Where a necklace can turn a 500 old woman into a beautiful young woman. Where a woman can give birth to murderer shadows, and not being affected by poison. Where a cripple boy can see the past and the present. Where people can put themselves into animals or people. Where a girl is inmune to fire. Where people can control dragons with horns and magic blood. Where people actually do have dragon blood, and (in some ocasions) they give birth to deformed dragons. Where families kept the blood line pure to keep that magic. So, my serious question is. Since when this story became so literal, moralistic and realistic that all of you are freaking out about an aunt and a nephew relationship? A relationship built by a resurrected guy and a unburnt mother of dragons girl? Are people seriously analyzing how much dna do they share? In two people that share dragon blood, like, literally DRAGON BLOOD?! Just think about it. Targaryens have been inbreeding for CENTURIES. Would someone look like daenerys if this was the case in real life? NO!!! Would someone be smart to enough to establish peace, win a war, to build an empire and laws and customs and build large edifications if this was the case in real life? NO!!! 

So, to all of you saying “how can you ship incest, it’s gross!” I’ll explain.

Do we understand that all of this is fantasy/fake incest and not real? we do.

Does this means we understand this is based on medieval times and the rules/laws were gross and horrible? we do 

Does this means we would never practice or support incest in real life/modern times? fucking not, NEVER! GROSS.

I have never used my writing to make a continuous disclosure of my personality to others but to discover for my own edification what I knew about various subjects which I found to be of importance to me; and that in consequence I had written a novel about London to find out why I loved it, a life of St Augustine to find out why every phrase I read of his sounds in my ears like the sentence of my doom and the doom of my age, and a novel about rich people to find out why they seemed to me to be as dangerous as wild boars and pythons.
—  Rebecca West, Black Lamb and Grey Falcon
Field Guide to MRAs: Introduction

I have found, in my journeys through the wilds of the internet, that the population of MRAs is much more diverse and complex than some may realize. I therefore decided, on my last trip, that I would prepare a treatise for the edification of my fellow feminists, as well as modestly suggest some best practices for dealing with MRAs encountered on the world wide web, as well as for those encountered in real life. I hope this can in some small way contribute to the knowledge of all who seek to bring reason, justice, and equality to the world.

A Field Guide For the Identification of MRAs and Anti-Feminists, Including Level of Severity, Recommended Response Tactics, and Safety Tips

Disclaimer: Some higher level MRAs will initially present at lower levels, so proceed with caution and revise tactics or disengage if a higher level belief rears its head. Levels are also often cumulative—a level 4 may open with a level 2 argument and proceed to a level 3 argument. All recommended tactics are based on actual beliefs; beliefs stated by MRAs in the wild may not be accurate or complete.


For each classification I will provide:

Level of Severity and Name:Level number denotes how far the MRA has bought into sexist ideology. As shorthand I have also provided a colloquial species name.

Basic Beliefs: What it says on the tin. The general belief system and common arguments made by each level.

Recommended Tactics: The response or responses that seem to be most effective at either changing the MRA’s mind or discrediting their argument with others. This is based purely on what I’ve seen and heard and is not necessarily complete. Please reblog with suggested tactics of your own!

In addition, I will also sometimes provide the following:

Safety Tip: Tips for interacting with the MRA without risk to body or mind, as well as common pitfalls of arguing with the type.

Demographics: Any interesting trends in the type population.

Identification Aid: Insistent terminology, odd focuses, or little quirks of a type that can aid in swift identification.

Descriptions of each level to follow. 


“Do you remember what you asked me about, that night? What you were curious about trying?”  “Oh,” James said. His eyes widened a bit, then he gave a nervous smile. “Yes.”

“Are you still curious about it?”

She could tell he took the question seriously, but he only had to think a moment or two. “Yes,” he said solemnly. “I want to try. With you.”

She gave him a satisfied smile. “Then look in that drawer over there.”

His gaze followed where she was pointing, then he looked back at her hesitantly. As he gave her foot one last squeeze, curiosity began to spread across his face. He got up to investigate.

She enjoyed her view of him crossing the room. His back muscles shifted as he opened the drawer, and there was a subtle lift of his torso as he drew in a sharp breath.

She had gotten him three silicone dildos of varying sizes. All were fire engine red.

“Pick out which one you want to try,” she commanded.

Art by riakomai (art blog)
Fic by @blessedharlot (AO3)

Fic rating: Explicit 
Art rating: Explicit
Word count: 5,517
Relationship: Natasha Romanoff/Bucky Barnes
Archive Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Additional tags: Bucky!Cap, Fluff and Smut, Bottom Bucky Barnes, Top Natasha Romanov, Pegging, Praise Kink

(Fic on AO3) (Art on Tumblr)

Collaboration for the @capreversebb

AHS Imagines - Jimmy Darling


“You know you’re my best friend right?”

You gently placed yourself on the freshly cutgrass, responding with a consumed hum. Your view was exquisite, the sun just touched the open waters of the lake, and if you looked closely, you could see the ripples formed from its touch.

The winds were something you would never forget, how the simple kiss of its warm air blew your long strands of hair onto your petite face.  It was October. Placing your gaze on the tree that hung low above your head, you started to count all the red leaves. The more you counted, the more lethargic you got. Red was your favourite colour, it expressed such a diverse set of emotions it simply fascinated you…One may use it to express anger, or one can use it to portray excitement.

Ever since you were 7, with a passion for painting, you would sign your name on every art piece you’ve made in red ink…to show the emotion you felt while creating your piece…but it was up to the viewer to identify whether you were joyful or resentful. You’ve always dreamed of being an artist, imagining your work next to great artists like Da Vinci or Donatello, you wanted to be remembered…and the way you wanted to be was for your refined red ink.

“Do you wanna get going Y/N? Your momma’s gonna be angry again” Jimmy whispered in your ear,

You lost count at 125, and thanked Jimmy for that. You turned to Jimmy, who was focused on the horizon.

“Why are you whispering?” You replied…in a whisper. Jimmy turned to you, giving you a warm smile,

“Because, It’s all so perfect, I don’t wanna ruin it” You closed your eyes. He was right, the field you both rested on was quiet, the leaves sang quietly on the trees, and the sound of cicadas followed. You’ve always wondered what it would be like to live in a big city, or by the seaside…but with your mother’s shortage of money, those dreams were as unrealistic as you wanting to be an artist. Letting out a sigh, it was quiet again…that was until Jimmy decided to clear his throat.

“We should get going” Jimmy said in defiance,

“But I don’t wanna” Your response came out as a child’s whine.

“Me neither” Jimmy chuckled, propping himself up with his shoulders,

“But we gotta.” Jimmy was right, the sky was setting and your mom specifically asked you to be home before the stars came out.

“I can’t wait to be 18…so I can runaway” You said, wiping the dust off your ripped jeans,

“Y/N, you’re only 12… and plus, you should be happy you got both parents…consider yourself lucky.” Jimmy giggled.

You both walked out of the open field, and headed down the trail you and Jimmy made.

“Bobby made fun of me again, he called me lobster boy” Jimmy was never the one to open up about his feelings, but after years of reassurance that you weren’t judgemental, he finally opened up.

You knew about his hands, and honestly, you didn’t care. You don’t remember how you met Jimmy, but you were happy that you did.

“Tell him to stick one up his ass” You replied, rather irritated.

“Y/N, language” Jimmy teased,

“A lady shouldn’t speak like that,” he continued.

“Well I’m no ordinary lady then?” Jimmy shook his head,

“No you’re not…but that’s why you’re my best friend” He smiled, wrapping an arm around your shoulder,

“You’re really leaving Jimmy?” You promised him you wouldn’t be sad, you promised him you would stay strong, but how could you stay strong if he wasn’t going to be there with you along the way?

“Yeah…it sucks, I wish I could take you in one of my suitcases” He said, embracing you closer into his hold,

“I think I could fit” You both chuckled, but it soon faded into a mournful atmosphere. The walk stayed silent, usually the silence between you two was always comfortable…but today, knowing that was the last time you would sit under the same tree you went to for 3 years…it was languishing.  

You were steps from his home that was now just a house without furniture.

“My mom’s gonna miss you” He said, breaking the silence,

“She really likes you.”

“Tell her I’m gonna miss her too, and that I wish her the best of luck at her new job” You replied.

“Oh! I got you something!” Jimmy said, before running back into his house. You waited with a smile as you heard him shuffle throughout the house.

“Here,” Jimmy said breathlessly as he jumped the last step. He placed a small box in your hand that had your name on it written on the bow.

“Open it!” Jimmy’s outburst made your heart jump,

“Jeez, do that again and I wont be able to do anything!” You retorted, grasping at your heart, dramatically.

You pulled out the ribbon and removed the top of the box.

In it was two necklaces’, connected with a broken heart charm. The gold letters that were engraved were;

“Best Friends Forever”

Jimmy took one half of the heart and put it around his neck,

“See, now if we wear this forever we can find each other…eventually” Jimmy took the other half and motioned you to turn around; speechless you did what he asked.

His hands snaked around your shoulders and placed the necklace on your neck.

“Do you like it?” Jimmy asked from behind you.

You turned around,

“I love it, thank you so much!” You ran to Jimmy and wrapped him in an embrace, feeling his arms instantly hug you back,

“I’m really gonna miss you Jimmy” You said, finally letting the tears fall freely down your cheeks,

“And I’m gonna miss you more” Jimmy whispered, kissing your forehead,

“Why are you whispering again?” You asked, pulling away from the embrace.

“Close your eyes” He instructed.

Hesitantly, you closed your eyes. The sudden silence made you curious, and wondered if Jimmy left.

“Jimmy?” You called, as the urge to open your eyes grew. The silence stayed.

The heat from a presence hit your skin, and hands cupped your cheeks, in less than a second your lips were connected with his. His hair tickled your forehead, and his breath warmed your skin. Butterflies danced in your stomach as you felt the kiss slightly deepen. Slowly, he pulled away.

It felt as if those butterflies reached up your throat and held your tongue, because you were rendered speechless.

“Always remember me ok?” He said, removing his hands from your skin, but not before slowly grazing it with his thumb.

“Okay” You whispered, feeling his touch finally leave your skin for good.


“A freakshow?” Your friend snarled,

“Why would you wanna go to one of those?” You couldn’t answer, you didn’t know yourself as to why you wanted to go…but nevertheless you wanted to.

“Because, now c’mon! It’ll be fun” You flashed her a toothy grin as you waved the tickets in her face.

“Alright fine” she groaned, grabbing one.

“Even though you’re 25 you’re an ass driver” Your friend said, getting out of the car,

You ignored her remark and jogged to her,

You handed your tickets and made your way to the almost vacant set of seats. 

“Ladies and Gentlemen, everything you’ve heard is true, all that has been advertised is here, under this tent”

A lady, who was in fact Jimmy’s mother, stepped on stage and recited her speech as if practised for hours. The sight of his mother brought memories back, you longed to know how Jimmy was doing.

The sound of your friend’s laughter distracted you from her speech,

“Stop laughing” You warned,

You turned back to Ethel on the stage,

“From jungles untamed to forest enchanted. From the Dark Continent to the spice-laden lands of India. Astounding mistakes of nature, are gathered here, for your amusement and your edification”

“See” Your friend said,

“They want us to laugh,” she snorted; you ignored her lack of decency and remained focused on the show.

The show was filled with acts of the underestimated, and laughter’s filled the air from their cheesy yet humorous jokes.

“Now, for our next performer—lobster boy!” Your longing to know how Jimmy was soon became short as he walked on stage.

Out of all the ways you could of reunited, at a coffee shop, on the streets or even at a park…you reunited with Jimmy darling at a freak show—and he was one of them.

His juggling act was enthralling; he concentrated on the baseballs as he added more. With a strong finish, he gave the crowd of four a bow.

His eyes, leaving the floorboard to your eyes, brought the same feeling in your stomach as the first time he kissed you. Shock was evident on his face, he stayed frozen, consuming the same matter you were.

Standing up, you watched Jimmy jump from the stage down to the audience floor.

“Jimmy?” You called, allowing the smile you tried hiding to show on your face.

“Y/N,” he replied, your heart began to race as he stopped in front of you.

“It’s really you” He said with a chuckle, 

“i’ve missed you,” your heart warmed from his  expression of emotion, it reminded you of how much he trusted you. 

“I see you’ve been doing good, lobster boy” You teased,

“Well juggling isn’t the only thing I can do with my hands” he pointed out, wiggling his eyebrow,

“You’re disgusting” You giggled, 

“Call me what you want” He smirked. In less than 5 minutes, you were both in deep conversation, talking about absolutely everything. 

“Do you still have that necklace?” He asked, eyeing your chest. 

“Not on me no, but it’s in my room…and my eyes are up here” You said, lifting his chin with your finger. 

“Me too” He smiled, it was a smile you missed, and it was the only smile that could make you feel better, in any situation. 

“Hey,” Jimmy said, 

“Close your eyes”

From the moment you closed your eyes, you felt his lips softly touch yours, a feeling you almost forgot. His hands cupped your face, pulling you closer. You felt like you were 12 again, on his lawn, and kissing Jimmy for the first time. You remembered that day…the singing of the leaves, and the sunset that ended that day so beautifully. You remembered counting the red leaves with Jimmy by your side, and the promise Jimmy made you make, which you undeniably kept.

He pulled away,

“I’m sorry, but I needed to do that” He chuckled as his thumb grazed your cheek—like that day.

“God, you’re so beautiful,” he breathed out, 

 “I can’t say I love you, it’s been 13 years since I last loved you…but stay with me in my tent for a couple of days, meet everyone so they can finally meet the girl I’m always talking about.”

“Fuck, who am I kidding? 13 years later and you’re still on my damn mind. You were the only one who cared for me, and treated me like a person…anyone would fall in love with someone as pure as you.”

Jimmy held your hand,

“Please stay? They’re nice people, and they would love you” He whispered,

“Anyone would” he added.  

The show ended minutes earlier, you missed everything after Jimmy’s performance. You felt whole again with Jimmy, it felt as if he was in fact the other piece to your heart, and now you had the chance to see for yourself. 

“Okay” You replied, giving him a warm smile,

“But what’s with the whispering again?” You giggled, inching closer to him. Jimmy quickly pecked your lips,

“Because it’s all so perfect…I don’t wanna ruin it”


DHV HWDC IM SORRY I’M SICK AND I APOLOGIZE THAT THIS IMAGINE IS TRASH XO. It took longer to write than expected and I’m sorry again :’( hope you enjoyed!