Kingsman Timeline

So because I’m a detail oriented gal, and I needed this info all in one place, I’ve compiled a canon compliant timeline of events in Kingsman: The Secret Service. See the end of the post for references to the other posts I used while compiling this list.

The biggest part for me was finding as many of the Sun headline dates as possible. I realize that the actual dates and such were likely not important to the set dressers, and they simply chose the front pages according to what they had available and what looked good on screen. A fair number were too generic for me to find definitive dates for, or I couldn’t get a clear enough image to actually read the headline. But I did manage to date more than I was expecting. (Also, it should be noted that the pages aren’t pinned to Harry’s wall in chronological order, which made the search process more difficult, and definitely points to the set dressers just going with what looked good, rather than what made sense canonically.)

I wanted to do this as an infographic, but I’ve got a million other things I should be doing, so this is just text. Anyone who wants to graphicize it is more than welcome.

@hartwinorlose and @agentdagonet, I’m tagging you because I think you both may find this rather interesting.

And of course, if anyone has any additional dates they can confirm and verify, please let me know and I’ll add them!

And so, the timeline!

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Fox News Wants You Afraid Of Black Lives Matter

For the edification of our readers, I could provide you with a transcript, list the individuals sitting on the curved couch, parse out their words one at a time.

But it’s Saturday, and here is all you need to know about this clip.

Fox News wants you to be afraid, very afraid, of Black Lives Matter.

Lady in the blue dress won’t even use the word “Matter.” It’s the Black Lives movement, and it’s violent, and Hillary Clinton uses their hashtag in her tweets because she believes in killing police officers!

Lady #2 pulls back and points out all the peaceful protests without mentioning that those protests WERE Black Lives Matter. In Fox world, those were a faceless group with no ideology, a backdrop to cop killing and fire setting “maniacs.”

The “Outnumbered” gentleman in the middle of the couch then talks about Ferguson with very selective memory. Does he mention the Ferguson police disrupted a peaceful protest themselves, showing up in armored military-style vehicles? Police tear-gassing a woman who was having a heart attack? Police threatening to mace Chris Hayes as he was reporting, on camera?

Did they mention the years and years of targeting of Ferguson residents by police for Driving While Black?

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Every single person considering voting for Jill Stein, please read this exchange with Dan Savage:

How do we build a viable third party to the left of shitty Democrats in the United States? “You run people not just for fucking president every four fucking years,” says Dan Savage. (You also lower the bar on getting third party candidates into debates.)

This exchange happened back in May at the 20 minute mark on the 500th episode of the Savage Lovecast, but a listener named Ray Everett began sharing transcript on Facebook on this week. We reproduce it here for your edification:

CALLER: Hi my name is Pheasant and I live in Kansas. My question is, why — you guys talk a lot about politics — I would love to hear you guys talk about third party politics: Independent Party, the Green Party, and the Libertarian Party.

I’m a huge Green Party supporter; I’m voting for Jill Stein. And I realize that people say that if you vote for these, it’s just a wasted vote, it’s a vote for Republicans.

But I also feel we need to start sending a message to Washington and to our political leaders that we’re sick and tired of this two party system and candidates who are controlled by corporations and special interest groups. And they can’t piss off their donors, you know, because they buy the votes.

So I’m just wondering why you guys never talk about it because I think Jill Stein — she’s a member of the Green Party — she’s amazing. And for the people that bitch and moan about… Hillary didn’t always support gay rights, and Bernie didn’t always support this… I agree with you Dan, I think it’s ridiculous how — that people can change. That’s what we want, we try to get people — hey, stop being a homophobic asshole, hey stop being a racist prick. But you know the Green Party has never changed. They’ve always supported gay rights, equality for all, the environment…

DAN SAVAGE: Alright, blah blah blah. Sorry I had to stop you. Yeah, let’s talk about the Green Party for just a moment, or third parties, getting a third party movement off the ground here in this country. Because we are sick of the two party system!

Here’s how you fucking do that: you run people not just for fucking president every four fucking years.

I have a problem with the Greens, I have a problem with the Libertarians. I have a problem with these fake, attention seeking, grandstanding Green/Libertarian party candidates who pop up every four years, like mushrooms in shit, saying that they’re building a third party. And those of us who don’t have a home in the Republican Party, don’t have a home in the Democratic Party, can’t get behind every Democratic position or Republican position, should gravitate toward these third parties. And help build a third party movement by every four fucking years voting for one of these assholes like Jill fucking Stein, who I’m sure is a lovely person, she’s only an asshole in this aspect.

If you’re interested in building a third party, a viable third party, you don’t start with president. You don’t start by running someone for fucking president.

Where are the Green Party candidates for city councils? For county councils? For state legislatures? For state assessor? For state insurance commissioner? For governor? For fucking dogcatcher? I would be SO willing to vote for Green Party candidates who are starting at the bottom, grassroots, bottom up, building a third party, a viable third party.

You don’t do that by trotting out the reanimated corpse of Ralph fucking Nader every four fucking years. Or his doppelgänger, whoever it is now, Jill Stein and some asshole-to-be-named four years from now. You start by running grassroots, local campaigns. And there’ve been — and I’m sure we’re going hear from lots of people out there listening — there have been a couple of Green Party candidates who’ve run in other races here and there across the country. But no sustained effort to build a Green Party nationally. Just this griping, bullshitty, grandstanding, fault-finding, purity-testing, holier than thou-ing, that we are all subjected to every four fucking years by the Green Party candidate.

And the folks, including you caller — and I love you and I respect you and we’re having this debate and I’m not treating you with kid gloves because I respect you — who are fooled by them, who are sucked into this bullshit, who are tricked by these grandstanding, attention-seeking, bullshit-spewing charlatans, into wasting your vote.

Which is what you are going to do, I’m sorry to say, to circle back to the top of your call. You are essentially, if you’re voting for Jill Stein, helping to potentially elect Donald J. Drumpf president of these United States. Which would be a catastrophe.

Which is what some people say that they want. People supported Ralph Nader in 2000 and said there was no difference between Al Gore and George W. Bush, therefore we could all afford to throw our votes away, protest-style, on Ralph Nader, who had no hope of getting elected, because there was no difference between Bush and Gore.

These same people, at the same time, said that George Bush was so manifestly obviously terrible that he would bring the revolution if he got himself elected somehow. They didn’t say this about Gore, he wouldn’t bring the revolution. They’re exactly the same, exactly as awful, but one would bring the revolution and one wouldn’t. Which means they weren’t exactly the same and they weren’t equally awful.

And we’re hearing the same thing now about Hillary and Donald. That they’re both equally awful. They’re both equally terrible, corrupt two party system, fuck it, fuck it, fuck it. Fuck them both, fuck both their houses! Vote for Jill Stein!

And if Donald should get elected, oh he’s so terrible, so much worse than the equally awful Hillary Clinton, that his election will bring the revolution.

It’s bullshit.

The revolution did not come in 2000 when George W. Bush got close enough to winning to steal the White House. It will not come if Donald J. Drumpf gets his ass elected.

Disaster will come. And the people who’ll suffer are not going to be the pasty white Green Party supporters — pasty white Jill Stein and her pasty white supporters. The people who’ll suffer are going to be people of color. People of minority faiths. Queer people. Women.

Don’t do it. Don’t throw your vote away on Jill Stein/vote for, bankshot-style, Donald Drumpf.

And if you want to build a viable third party, more power to you. I could see myself voting for a Green Party candidate for president in 25 years, after I’ve seen Green Party candidates getting elected to state legislatures, getting elected to governorships, getting elected to Congress. Then you can run some legitimate motherfucker for president.



My Big Bad Ponies

Why do I love my scav team? Because this is the kind of thing that happens. The snoodle set I submitted for scav actually got denied for not being edited enough. It only had a bra. (For my own edification, there are actual boobs under there with nipples and everything, that I drew first and added the bra… I spent a good long while making myself giggle about snake tits. Anyway.) So yeah. In an attempt to get them through, I’ve added some pantyhose and bedroom eyes. And I’ve named all the files Sbooble. And my BBPs get it. Thanks, Big Bad Ponies, for enduring, nay encouraging, this kind of ridiculous shit.
I’m putting the snoodle design itself under the cut, though, because I know not everyone likes that particular type of joke. Adding the hose and lashes to the colored set and hoping they go through this time. SMH

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One Minute Reflection – July 15 

(God) imparts to (human beings) an understanding heart……Si 17:5

REFLECTION – Do all your actions in accord with the right light of your reason.
In all things seek your satisfaction, the edification of others and the praise and glory of God……..St Bonaventure (Saint of the Day)

PRAYER – Heavenly Father, grant me the gift of right reasoning and Christian understanding. Let me act always in accord with the dictates of that reason and so be pleasing to You. St Bonaventure, Pray for us Amen


Watching this farce put on for our edification makes me suddenly want to watch…. Chicago.

[ x ] @heirofthefallenempire

The Emperor trusted Ben’s judgement and until that point, his security detail was working perfectly. But, of course, it was hard to foresee all of the enemies actions. The squad selected by the prince gave the ginger cover to move. He had to use his blaster a few times along the way before he found a hiding place. Probably a poor choice, since it was one of the very few edifications around, that soon could be targeted as well. 

When the door squeaked open, Hux turned immediately, blaster in hand, pointing to the invader. Stars, it was Ben! He barely remembered to secure the gun before reaching for the other and… well, he didn’t had time to express his surprise as his lips were caught in a kiss. Given the couple of seconds to realize what just happened, the emperor pulled the other again for another kiss just as rough. 

“Let’s move”.