I make Fandom & Geeky cakes for a living… But now I need your help!

For the past 3 years, I’ve made nerdy cakes from my home. From requests from Tumblr, to baking up sweets for companies like Seventeen Magazine, Funko, The Today Show, Youtube Space NY and Nintendo World- but I can no longer work from such a small space, and every week it gets harder to continue to do what I love.

I started a Kickstarter to open a Geeky Bakery- a place you can have all the nerdy treats you love with fandoms you enjoy! But we have just 13 days to raise the rest of our funds to open our doors, and with the way it looks now I’m afraid we won’t make it there.

Please you guys, help me out! Even just a dollar from each of my followers would give us nearly twice our funding goal. There’s also delicious rewards like nerdy cookies, tees’, monthly cookie subscription boxes and more!

Please pledge! Even If you can’t donate, please reblog and spread the word!

Pledge to the Nerdache Cakes’ Bakery Kickstarter.


Ending Shark Week with a splash! Here’s a cake to really sink your teeth into… just make sure to bite it before it bites back! Follow me on Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, and Instagram @ Laydecakes


another piece in my Dark Souls Edible Art collection. this time I tried to recreate the shroompeople. unfortunately, the big bro was too heavy and kept bending to the right. had to ram a toothpick through his foot to not totally go yoga on me. also, because he was falling down a lot the details on the stomach got smudged. :(

anyway, big broshroom is taking his little brother trick or treating. and you all know what he does if you don’t have candy:

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