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Unexpected Guests Chapter Three: End!

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Undyne might literally do a flip. But that’s the next chapter!

Tangentially related, the fic Unexpected Guests is based on is finally complete! I might add a couple sections if I think of them, but the story is all worked out, which means from now on it’s just a matter of drawing comic pages. Stay tuned! ^^

z nation panel @ sdcc
  • we had a moment of silence for george romero
  • some things i noticed initially in the little preview we got:
    • addy lost an eye
    • 10k has facial hair
    • Warren is blonde
    •  Murphy’s skin is totally back to normal
    • Kaya has short hair!! and apparently she had her baby and she and citizen z are married!!
  • actual panel things
    • Dj couldnt find his nametag
    • Russell mimed spoking a joint to a fan 
    • Keith on being cast as Murphy: knew next to nothing about the role or show; actually worked in david michael latt’s office at the time
    • “Most of the time murphys right” - Keith 
    • Murphy says he saved 10ks life on the boat and kellita was like YOU LEFT HIM THERE
    • Murphy says the group is a family 
      • “its called trauma bonding" 
    • Dj has a retainer so there were lines it was hard for him to say, mainly the iconic Delta Xray DeltaDxd 
  • on citizen z this season: 
    • "I get to kill stuff and i have a kid" 
    • dj is so tired of the artic. its all shot in 100 degree weather with a parka
    • "can i please leave the arctic” “no" 
  • The airshaft scene was russel’s audition monologue 
  • Russell gets weed at every comic con (edibles included) 
  • On season 4
    •  S4 jumps two years
    • Team has a new mission/reset for the season that is driven by a dream warren has
    • We see zona
    • apparently there are ‘Unkillable’ zombies and citizen z is going to have to deal with one
    • theyre going to DC at some point
  • Favorite moments for the cast
    • keith: the whole murphy is the messiah thing; it was first time he saves the group instead of being just the moody passenger 
    • kellita: getting the job in the first place; warrens journey this season and, of course, the blonde hair
    • dj: scenes with the kid; the dog hates them
    • russell: airshaft scene; saving 10k in insane asylum
  • On the dog:
    • The dog hates them, isnt trained, and is pretty disobedient
    • one time DJ put peanut butter in pants to get the dog to come to him and he still refused; the kid is able to be reasoned with
    • Jellybean takes are for the kid (1 for an easy scene, 2 for a hard one) 
  • On the Murphy loving Warren thing
    • They arent sure if they would ever admit it to each other, but Kellita says they have a love that goes deeper than a relationshisnt su
    • Roberta loving murohy is what keeps her going
  • Cassandra: They dont regret killing her
    • “i do actually i got some nice back rubs” - keith
  • Addys arc this season will be surprising and will be controversial
  • Keith wants zombie masseuses 
  • Dj want a winter episode so they can all suffer like he did in the heat
    • “i filmed my scenes in 100 degree weather in a parka
    • “the snow was made of soap and i inhaled a bunch of it”
  • How was 5k raised by crows: they liked him and he found them water, thoy adopted him (snow white from hell dj) 
  • Murphy is the character that everyone loves to hate 
    • “you hate him and then he goes and does something really great and youre like….”
  • Keith directs episode 4.04!!!!!
  • apparently david michael latt’s wife was on the show at some point
  • they talked about the fact that all of the z’s have some bits of humanity in them, and thats what the show is really about; how much humanity remains in everyone
  • at the end after they left the stage keith came over to the ropes and was high fiving everyone and shaking hands and he was so happy to meet us!!! but the guard dude was like “time to go” and was pulling him away so he waved goodbye and was all smiley and it was awesome
Lunch at Bangkok Comic Con, Day Two

Started my day with a bowl of “kuay jub”, the most wonderful pork offal soup, packed with pork belly, liver, kidneys, intestines and blood cake…

Next, artist Pop Mahn let me sample some of his “hoi tod”, a Thai pancake/omelet made with mussels…

Then I was introduced to “moo dad deaw”, or “one day pork”, which is made with sun-dried pieces of pork…

Another edible education at the comic con!