Ao Dai sheith for Vee for a secret art exchange on twitter <3

the Ao dai is a little bit shorter than the traditional one tho >.<


I love how these two have inadvertently adopted eachother. 

yESS Anon!!
But i am lowkey waiting for peter to go all Matilda on tony and pull out the adoption papers that hes been keeping on standby

“What if i adopt you and marry your aunt?”
“Dont be gross mr stark”

about putting the mcelroys on too high of a pedestal i think it’s more just respect for them being decent people. they shouldnt be praised for that but their brand of comedy is really refreshing because of it

the reason they arent problematic and no one can find anything wrong with them isnt because “it’s only a matter of time before they fuck up” … they’re already not perfect and they’ve talked about this a lot and how they’ve stumbled in the past 7 years. they grew up and got on with their lives and are conscious of their audience and the world around them. they try to be as inclusive and open minded as possible and encourage people to keep teaching them and it’s just nice to see