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EDI Week Prompts and Meme Questions

Art and Fanfic prompts:

  1. A fav moment - Recreate one of your fav EDI scenes from the series.
  2. Redesign EDI - How would you like her to look?
  3. Shepard invites EDI shopping! - How do they spend the day?
  4. EDI has the day off - How does EDI spend her spare time?
  5. Friends forever - How does EDI spend quality time with her friends?
  6. Inside EDI - How does EDI see the world? What catches her interest or makes her wonder?
  7. It’s EDI’s birthday! - Does she have a birthdate? Does she celebrate it?How do EDI and her friends celebrate the day?

Meme Questions:

  1. What do you like the most about EDI?
  2. Name one thing that really irritates you about EDI.
  3. Do you ship EDI with anyone?
  4. Which EDI do you prefer the most? ME2, ME3, or both?
  5. Do you have any edi headcanons?
  6. How do you think EDI feels about Legion and the other geth?
  7. Do you take EDI out into the field? If so, what is your favourite power, weapon, and/or armour of hers?

EDI week is running from November 20th to the 26th

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Note: The prompts can be used for anything, and are totally optional. Also you can use the meme questions as prompts too if you want.  Hope everyone has fun and enjoys the week! :)

anonymous asked:

our good Earth1 guys are not the nazis. they gonna FIGHT nazis. how is that bad... literally... they gonna fight them and win.... being pissed that villains are nazis in the crossover its like being offended that villains are homicidal psychopaths. news of the day ! villains are supposed to be evil! grow up yall with crossover hate

1. It’s not hate, you can criticize a show and their storylines without being a hater. If you think I’m a crossover hater, you probably have been seeing this blog covering your eyes all along. If you think I’m a Arrowverse hater, wild. If you think I can’t enjoy an episode or a movie without turning off my brain completely, again, wrong blog.

2. Really? Was it really necessary to make their heroes nazis on another Earth so to promote the animated show about heroes being nazis on the CW feed? (Which is, let’s be real, what the crossover is 90% about?)

If you can’t understand the difference between nazi villains and using your heroes as nazis (most superheroes and the superhero culture itself comes from Jewish creators), I can’t help you. You’re lost on your own.

BREAKING: Edie Windsor dies at 88
Ms. Windsor’s case struck down the Defense of Marriage Act in 2013 and granted same-sex married couples federal recognition for the first time.
By Robert D. McFadden

Edith Windsor, whose Supreme Court case struck down the Defense of Marriage Act in 2013 and brought federal recognition to marriage equality, has died at age 88. The cause of her death has not been specified. 

After living together for 40 years, Ms. Windsor and Thea Spyer, a psychologist, were legally married in Canada in 2007. Dr. Spyer died in 2009, and Ms. Windsor inherited her estate. But the Internal Revenue Service denied her the unlimited spousal exemption from federal estate taxes available to married heterosexuals, and she had to pay taxes of $363,053.

She sued, claiming that the law, by recognizing only marriages between a man and a woman, unconstitutionally singled out same-sex marriage partners for “differential treatment.”

Affirming two lower court rulings, the Supreme Court overturned the law in a 5-4 ruling, citing the Fifth Amendment guarantee that no person shall be “deprived of life, liberty or property without due process of law.”

Edie was a pioneer in every sense of the word. She changed the world for millions of us. And she was the sweetest person, too – I met her about a year ago, told her about my recent engagement and thanked her for making it happen, and she kissed my hand and wished my future wife and I a lifetime of happiness. I will miss her. We all will. Thank you for everything, Edie.