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Hodati po žici,
Pored svakog godišnjeg doba,
Pored svakog života,
Pored svake osobe.

Da čujes i osjetiš ono što je moje,
Treba vremena i ljubavi.
Da te shvatim kako dišeš,
Trebam se zavući u tebe.

Ispod kože i kostiju,
Ispod mesa u srce, u arteriju,
Gdje ću možda ležati mrtav,skupljen.

Sudar dva svijeta,
Sudar pametnjakovića i umjetnice,
Sudar onog što ne uspijeva,
Dovelo nas je u nešto što se ne može objasniti.

Vožnja tvojim venama,
Upoznavanje unutrašnjosti.
I poslije toliko grcanja u krvi,
Mene oživiše njeni dlanovi.

-Edis Lihovac

SOUTH VIETNAM. Saigon. May 8, 1973. Associated Press Photographer Nick Ut gets a kiss of congratulations from newswoman Edie Lederer after it was announced that Ut had won the 1973 Pulitzer Prize for spot news photography. The 22-year-old Vietnamese photographer won the prize for his picture of a young Vietnamese girl fleeing a napalm attack. 

Photograph: Neal Ulevich/AP

  • NYTimes to Viola Davis and Edie Falco: You both had rough childhoods. Viola lived in extreme poverty, and Edie’s parents kept marrying and divorcing, lots of family instability. Why choose careers that put you right back in that place?
  • Black people rough childhood: extreme poverty and racism
  • White people rough childhood: my parents kept divorcing and remarrying.

anonymous asked:

Do you guys have any fics where Tyler or Josh Proposes to the other? Ilysm you blog is a lifesaver btw❤️

sure thing - Karri

Watch Them Swing Like Wedding Bells by edy (1/1 | 3,000 | Explicit)

In which Tyler really wants to go to the fair and Josh has to ask Tyler a really important question at the top of the Ferris wheel.


Looking For Something Dumb to Do by marsakat (1/1 | 944 | General)

Josh and Tyler enjoy making up stories about how they got engaged

Marry Me? by sonofapollo (1/1 | 1,182 | General)


“Baby boy.”

“Dog breath.”

“Marry me”

Then He Grew Up. by LoudandDangerous (1/1 | 1,306 | General)

Josh and Tyler’s relationship from the perspective of Tyler’s (Sassy, I might add) songwriting desk.

//mentioned self-harm 

fahrlight  asked:

I LOVE YOUR BLOG! OMG and you live in Edi too!?

OMG, thank you so much, that’s really sweet of you to say.

I’ve seen your cosplays on Facebook and they are amazing!

Are you in Edinburgh as well? Where abouts? I’m right by Murrayfield Stadium. 

Have you been watching the filming?