edi is hilarious

There’s someone at work who always answers my emails with a “SEEN.”
I started to think about Shepard going to see EDI during ME3 to discuss how some people “have expressed concerns” about “EDI reading their private conversations” and how they would at least like to know for sure what she reads or not. Of course, EDI tells Shepard she can’t help but read every communication going in and out of the ship. Shepard sighs and says: “I know, EDI, I know. Some fears just can’t be explained.”
So EDI agrees to warn people every time she reads their private messages.

A few days later, this Alliance soldier is writing to this girl on the Citadel. He tells her he’s happy to have met her and how he’s excited to be alone with her soon, and you know, do things with her. Winky face. 
And the only answer he gets is from EDI.

Vogue Italia’s 50th Anniversary Edition, September 2014 | Shot by Steven Meisel