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☀️ headcanonnnn

Otayuri appearance:

For Yuri, I am one of those people who imagine him to grow up quite tall. He would still have his lean, slender figure, but become more muscular and broader. I also really like the idea of him growing out his hair and play around with it a little bit: braids, half updos, a high pony tail etc. As soon as it’s possible he would get piercings. He would have rows of silver studs in his ears, a lip piering, nipple piercings. He considers doing his belly button too. I love his clothing style so much and that would remain consistent all throughout his adolescence. He would also like to play around with what are considered to be more feminine pieces. They just suit him so well. I also like the idea of him getting a bit freckly in the summer.

I like Otabek’s hair so much, I would love for him to keep it like that, maybe let the top grow out from time to time so he can put it in a bun. Sometimes he leaves his stubble (Yuri loves the way it scratches). He remains quite short, so his taller lanky boyfriend looms over him like an overgrown cat. He’s quite muscly, with a broad chest and shoulders.He dresses either smartly and quite sophisticated or edgy in worn jeans, leather jackets and old band T-shirts. He prefers clothing in solid colours. I don’t see him getting a lot of piercings apart from a couple in his ears. He is the first of the two to get tattoos though and his first piece is actually quite big and bold. 

I just hope Taylor doesn’t change from the person who got on tumblr and interacting with her fans and invited us to her house and baked us cookies and put really long, silly tags in her post and more. I still wanna be able to keep that magic alive just between us swifties and Taylor. I’m all here for her being edgy and yet sophisticated and taking ownership of her life but I just don’t want her to stop all the little things she did with and for us. @taylorswift Just know that we will always be here and we will always love you no matter what 💖💖

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hey babe, have you tried any of the nars blushes, they look absolutely gooorgeous but are they really worth the price ?

I loooove NARS blushes, except i’ve never been a big fan of the two popular orgasm and super orgasm shades. The shades are beautiful but the glitter is a tad too chunky for my liking. The shades without chunky glitter (they will be noticeable) are extremely buttery and smooth. They feel like high quality eyeshadows but for the cheeks. They’re pigmented without being hard to blend. They are just real quality blushes and they’re my favorites along with the Kevyn Aucoin powder blushes.   

Shades I recommend…

Dolce Vita, match your 90′s browny mauve with this browny mauve for a really chic and sophisticated edgy look. 

Madly (on left) and Luster (on right), if you’re not a blushing pink sort of a girl/guy and you like a more peachy bronzed look. These blushes are a browny peach with a glow, great for every day and won’t clash with different smokey eyes and bright lips. 

Torrid (left) and Amour (right). Torrid is a great peachy pink while Amour is more of a rosy pink. Great year round blushes for a little life and color in your cheeks!