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Taking a break from the Sanses ssooooooo TADDAAHHH!! PAPYRUSES❤ heheh for my friend @easilyaddicted lol she has PAPY Love 😉 well maybe not much on fell!pap but I love the edgy skellies 😄 so here ya go~
Reaper Papyrus belongs to @renrink
Swap!Pap belongs to @candycornpr1nce Fell!Pap and Babybones!Pap belongs to their creator(I really don’t know)
And of course undertale!Pap belongs to Toby Fox 😆

Art by Me @butterflypea

so random head cannon about FAHC Ryan

As the vagabond, he tried dyeing his hair black a couple of times because ya know ‘edgy’ but he found out that he didn’t like it when he wasn’t in Vagabond mode. Like when he isn’t in character he wants his hair to be blond. So instead of hair dye he uses that shitty black Halloween/party hair color spray. So he has a whole drawer of it at the penthouse and he has a reoccurring subscription on amazon to deliver every week. And the rest of the crew constantly fucks with him about it, replacing it with other colors especially. One time Jeremy replaced all of his cans with Rimmy Tim colors and Ryan just goes with it. He changes his face paint to an over the top orange and purple luchador mask design, paints his hair half orange and half purple, gets Meg to find him an exact replica of his traditional outfit in Rimmy Tim’s colors, he even takes all of his bikes and cars in and gets them repainted. And he keeps this up, and he’s going to continue until the hair paint runs out which is probably going to take months. And the rest of the crew is fed up with it after like a week. Geoff even offers to pay him double his usually cut if he’ll just go back to being original vagabond, not this weird Rimmy mashup. Jeremy offers him anything he wants, promises to never fuck with his shit again. Toward the end of the orange and purple paint running out, Ryan draws up a contract and makes every single crew member sign i, promising to never fuck with his hair paint again. And they all sign and never mess with it again. But that doesn’t mean they don’t fuck with the rest of his Vagabond ensemble.

before a really close attempt i had, i wrote a suicide note, and i remember trying SO hard not to make it sound “edgy,”

it really sucks, the idea that people reflecting on their genuine feelings and fears and mental illness is “edgy” is so ingrained that people feel the need to hold back in a fucking SUICIDE NOTE

dionise and ane are from a comic idea i had when i was 17 lol…dionise (his fighter name is just “grease”) is a fighter in an edgy YA dystopian cyberpunk future where violence on tv is super big and there are basically no holds barred in his brand of fighting. his whole thing is not getting hit but he eventually does in a championship round. it wouldnt be a big deal but he gets a nosebleed and his spilled blood starts forming symbols and arrows and shit. this weird phenomenon gets weird occult dudes after him and also the gambler highups who had a bunch of money staked on him that are now out of millions once he flees the ring. its corny but i might actually expand on it because i need to do Some kind of project lol

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I was tagged by @millpsychic who is very cute and good, a fast friend

Name: Hannah
Nicknames: none really

Zodiac Sign: Virgo♍️
Height: 5'2″
Orientation: like?? probably bi?? maybe pan or something idk

Favorite Season: 🍂🍂i love late summer and early autumn except?? school starts?? and the anxiety returns??🍂🍂
Favorite book: Harry Potter is still near and dear to my heart, I just reread Six of Crows which is the edgy YA lit that I crave (millpsychic I didn’t steal that from you but we’re def talking about it later)
Age: 17

Favorite animal: The fennec fox is the most aesthetically pleasing animal I have encountered. All dogs are pure and good. All cats are relatable on a spiritual level🐱🐱
Coffee, Tea, or Hot Cocoa: Hot cocoa. I want to be the type of person that drinks tea but?? it tastes very bad and not good??☕️

Number of Followers: 29 (with all pornbots deleted) on my main and 1109 on my side blog (trinketchu) because apparently I can’t keep my house in order and use my main blog as my main blog

What do I post about: on this blog, mostly humor stuff with some art and aesthetic posts, mostly DnD and Mcelroys on my side blog
Do I get asks on a daily basis: When I was doing ask games or taking prompts I would get a lot but otherwise definitely not
Aesthetics: oversized sweaters, rainy days, reading by the window, homemade cookies, faded floral print, and old oak trees
Theme Song: feeling really “Winter of our Youth” by Bastille right about now
Hogwarts House: Ravenclaw🐦🐦

I’m tagging @dadscanlan who I haven’t talked to in a while and who was the first person on my dash. How are you pal?

allergy season is starting and my hands look like an edgy tumblr post ya know like bloody knuckles and all that shit cause my skin itches so fucking bad