edgy necklace

I was thinking of starting a lil Villain Shoppe...

And I would have lil mugs with cute lil bad guys on the sides failing to poison your coffee

And lil red bracelets and necklaces that say “#edgy as a tomato” because everyone knows tomatoes are edgy (nightshade, duh)

And T-shirts that say “I’m so evil I just stole candy from a baby” and various other dumb lil things

But then I realize I’m lazy af

anonymous asked:

Could you do the RFA reacting to MC being someone they had gone to school with?


• “i thought i knew your cute face from somewhere, it must be fate for us to meet again” shhhhhh zen u cheese doodle

• very surprised though to see a former classmate again and is kinda embarrassed because during school time he was the bad boi in a gang 

• but he isn’t too bothered by it or anything but when MC starts teasing him about his ol’ days and how he used to wear this super edgy skull necklace he just wants to bury himself because oHMYGOD LET IT DIE- REGRETS


• you know that moment when you see someone and you just KNOW you’ve seen them somewhere but you can’t place them to where and it’s just so frustrating because?? WHO. DAT, I SEEN U BUT WHERE? that’s him

• MC is the one who will be like “oh hey we were in the same class in high school right” and then everything clicks like OH! YOU’RE RIGHT!

• is a bit worried that they might judge him because the college Yoosung and high school Yoosung is so different from each other but “??? So? everyone changes it’s ok don’t worry love you anyways” and he is so happy 


• MC whispered to her “I almost didn’t recognize you since you had so long hair before but you look good with hair short too” *wink*

• and it takes her a good 4 min to process it all because it’s been years since she had long hair and she does have a vague memory of someone with MC’s name from somewhere 

• when she does hear from MC that they attended the same school before she is very surprised that they remembered her because she for the most time just studied really. Talks to them about school times and such later


• honestly id on’t think he remembers them at all until MC’s all like “well i remember YOU fund kid” and he just ??? what u mean. He can’t hide that lil smile on his lips when they said they went to the same school

• because the only one who truly knew him from before was V and now MC turns out to be someone who he had crossed passed with before AND understands him for realsies? Fate. 

• He starts asking them questions about their high school times, what did they do? what did they enjoy with school? where they in any clubs? etc


“aren’t you the one who hacked into the school system and made cat pictures pop up everywhere on the screen?” “haha lol yeah”

• when he did do the background check he was taken back by the fact that they had gone to the same school. He never thought he’d cross paths with ANYONE from his past because of reasons 

• he will starts talking with them about them good ol’ days in high school, all the pranks, boring lectures, weird teachers and so on.