edgy necklace

emetoandotherthings  asked:

Do any of your ocs wear jewellery?

Yes! Quite a few of them.

Minato and Kazu have matching silver wedding bands (not actual silver. they’re just titanium. the budget was tight and they’re more durable anyway). Kazu also sometimes wears necklaces and bracelets, shit that goes with his Hot-Topic-lookin-ass wardrobe.

Asher and Lucas both have their ears pierced. they got them done together when Luke was 10 and Ash was 7. Lucas also wears tons of bracelets and necklaces, and Asher wears chokers.

Kit has nearly as many piercings as he does tattoos:

  • triple helix and triple forward helix in both ears
  • triple lobe piercings in both ears
  • tragus in both ears
  • daith in his right ear
  • rook in his left ear
  • nipple piercings

he also wears necklaces, bracelets and rings. depending on what he’s wearing he’ll have all his jewelry gold or silver.

Violet has her ears pierced.

Morgan likes to wear cute necklaces.

Lucy likes to wear edgy shit like pentagram necklaces.