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i mIGHT HAVE KILLED MAX BUT HE TURNED OUT OKAY. laughs seriously though i think i might have the lightest hearted fic??? but yet; included angst, death, and a lot of beating up Maxwell.

tbh im totally fine with maxwil fics having edgy the hedgy in them. the thing is that these are so goddamn common. im legit ok with the fact that whoever wrote….whatever they wrote enjoys it. instead of breaking my keyboard. i present you this:

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Do you have any favorite blogs on here? If so tag them please :)

Oh I have a lot! But please note that I love every single blog I follow and not just those who’s listed here! (They’re not in any order just so you know)

@adabatsunset @aniwissenpai @auroblaze @azurelightningsonic @bingo-highway @blogandlearn @blue—wind @chaos-blast @coolblueandsmiles @drawloverlala @exxcell @followmyrainbow @ghosted4life @green-hill-bro @holoska @hunnidpisanenchilada @icycream24 @its-silver-senpai @kelskora @kingdomvalleyzone @legendarywindmaster @listenthejoy-25 @metal-harbor @mitsuki830 @my-dream-of-absolution @mysteriouskusajo @redfirefly-x3 @sonic-m @sonic-nyoom @sonic-spindash @sonic-the-tumblog @sonichedgie @sonicbloomingheart @sonicjpeg @sonickid @sonicpositive @sonicstardustzone @sonicthehedqehoq @sonicwind-01 @sonicysuchillydog @sonikkulover @sonixhearts @spin-dash @squorkal @steadfastheart @supersonicsoup @the-edgie-hedgie @the-real-super-power-of-swag @the-sonic-cafe @theblurredline23-sonic-only @timetravelsilver @ze90 @yoi-yoi-senpai @yellowchaosemerald 

 If I have forgotten someone PLEASE FORGIVE ME! I promise I love your blog and as I said even if you’re not listed here you have an awesome blog and i’m happy to follow you!! 💖💖