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A Proposal (ha, puns)

So, as most of you know, I will be doing a Swanfire wedding fic for the finale.  While morosely chatting with others about how stupid the entire thing was, it occurred to me that I’m surely not the only Salty Pissed Off Writer that is devastated to see Emma’s characterization destroyed by this stupid half-assed relationship.  I’ve loved seeing headcanons about what a Wooden Swan wedding would look like, a Swan Queen wedding, etc.

So why don’t us anti-CSers have a little fic day for the premier?  

Pick your favorite Emma pairing.  Write a wedding fic.  Post it under the tag Emma Swan Deserves Better.  

Let’s vent by writing.  Let’s write the wedding Emma Swan deserves–without destroying her character (a Grace Kelly wedding dress? Have they met this character?), keeping her edgy and fierce.  

Join me!

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What's the full story behind eyesore? Do they teach other birds to be killers?

ok I’ll try and do a brief summary of her story from her POV

  • Eyesore used to live in a flock of pheasants she developed a complex after being teased for looking like a boy
  • when one pheasant was finally nice to her she became obsessed with him and didnt handle being turned down very well
  • she was kind of a mess mentally so one lousy demon decided to take advantage and send his own low level demon “puppet” into her mind to make her worse- make the mental cracks big enough for him to one day squeeze through himself (as demons can only enter the physical world through the body and minds of others in this universe)
  • eyesore kills most of her flock using this puppet
  • eyesore eventually begins to see this puppet as a friend and because he is effected by her thoughts and feelings he gains a sentience through her will- he becomes sightless
  • Eyesore still feels the world owes her one and does outlandish stuff like try and be a carnivore which makes her very sick -shes esstentially dying
  • Sightless however wants to save her but him just existing is a double edged sword, he can protect her from predators, convince her to eat right and care for her when shes really ill, but he cant stop the fact that him just exsisting is causing the mental cracks to grow.
  • Eyesore spends most of her time trying to act fierce and edgy as possible, shes still looking for the pheasant she was obsessed with as he is one of the few that got away. she eventually meets 2 of my chicken characters through which he learns a lot of life lessons like- “why she should stop being a terrible person/bird)
  • She eventually falls in love with a hen with a troubled past of her own (who i might call Fae?)