edgy earrings

Edgy bunny wants to be more edgy 😆
Here’s my OC Kian! He’s a rabbit/bunny (also a demon (*゚▽゚*))
He also really likes bubble gum XD
Hope you guys like him~
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bring back grunge beca mitchell 2k17

anonymous asked:

hi idk if you will put this in your askes but does sans know about Asterisk!sans or Epic!sans or maybe Gaster!sans or Abyss Sans??? Btw sans here something for ya * give sans a book on da Aus* Read em plz!!!

Headcanon about the book: It’s contents are constantly changing due to concepts always being created, revised, and removed.

harryhenry1  asked:

Why do so many people imagine an older Dipper as an edgy/tattooed/cooler/ear gauged/clean skin kinda guy? Wish fulfillment?

fuck if i know but i know one thing

i am 99% certain this is what the real older dipper would be if we stayed as true to dipper as possible


I found out yesterday that I can still wear my dread falls even though I have short hair now. I was super stoked because I love industrial and cyber goth stuff. I threw them on with some black and red threads along with my lemur ears.

jojo would get a bunch of piercings just to impress marissa

Okay but uhh I’m actually super proud of my human Shadow design