edgy bohemian

The Rising Signs as Pretty Little Liars Characters

Aria Montgomery - Aries,Scorpio, Aquarius                                                   pale, plump lips, short; style: edgy, bohemian, soft with a rebellious streak

Emily Fields - Taurus, Leo, Pisces                                                                 full lips, hooded eyes, athletic body; style: casual, sporty, feminine

Hanna Marin - Cancer, Virgo, Libra                                                                   blonde hair, full lips, curvy body; style: glamorous, feminine, girly with a trendy edge

Spencer Hastings - Gemini, Sagittarius, Capricorn                                         thin lips, high cheekbones, slim; style: preppy, classic, vintage


etsyfindoftheday 2 | 8.18.16

theme thursday: alternative engagement rings

raw 3-diamond engagement ring by avello

LOVE the rustic, edgy look of this 3-stone raw diamond ring, set in unique prongs and photographed beautifully. so cool.

Signs as Fashion Styles

Aries: Sporty/Athletic

Taurus: Vintage

Gemini: Cultural/Eclectic

Cancer: Preppy

Leo: Urban

Virgo: Girly

Libra: Grunge

Sagittarius: Bohemian

Scorpio: Edgy

Capricorn: Minimalist

Aquarius: Artsy/Hipster

Pisces: Laid-back