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Block Heels

Dance the night away in this season’s most comfy shoe

When you’re getting ready, one of the easiest ways to feel sexier and more put-together is by throwing on a heel. They don’t need to be those crazy high spike heels (although for short periods of time you may whip those out), they just need to be comfortable, chunky and current. For nights that you know you’ll be on your feet or hey, maybe even dancing, stick to fall’s most essential shoe style, the block heel

From ’60s-inspired ankle boots and Mary Janes to loafers and strappy sandals, shop our editors’ favorite block heeled footwear from across the web.

Ankle Boots

Blogger Glam Latte wearing JustFab booties.

Nima block heel ankle boots

Block heel ankle boots

Strawberry heeled ankle boots

Iselin faux-leather ankle boots

High Heeled Pointed Leather Bootie



Corinne faux-leather loafers

Whistles Riley Pointed Loafer Mid Heeled Ankle Boots

JOANNA Mid Bow Front Shoes

Polished-leather pumps

Low Heel

Block heel courts

Triangle Block Heel Pump

Court Shoe With Metal Plate Heel

Babies mary jane shoes

Nika metallic leopard-print calf hair and leather pumps

Strappy Sandals

Blogger Edgify Me wearying Alexander Wang booties.

ASOS HOW WE DO Heeled Sandals

ROWAN Chunky Strappy Heels

ASOS HEADLINE Heeled Sandals

‘Bleecker’ Leather Ankle Strap Sandal (Women)

Block heel leather sandals

How Scott gets a haircut:

Haircut Woman: How do you want your hair done?

Me: Uh, just whatever you think would look best.

Haircut Woman: More of a crew cut? Or more of a taper cut?

Me: Uh, whichever of those is just a regular hair cut.

Haircut Woman: A little more along the sides? Or a little less along the sides?

Me: I’m not sure. I really don’t know much about haircuts, why don’t you just do whatever you think will look best?

Haircut Woman: All right, whatever I think will look best. And do you want that done with the scissors, or the clippers?

Me: Whatever’s easiest for you.

Haircut Woman: What about the length?

Me: I don’t know, normal length.

Haircut Woman: The lengths are numbers, one to ten.

Me: Uh, seven. Whatever.

Haircut Woman: Seven all over, or seven in the front but less in the back?

Me: Please, please, please stop asking me questions I do not know anything about haircutting I just want something that makes me look like a person with slightly shorter hair I am really sorry but beyond that I cannot help you just start cutting.

Haircut Woman: Okay (begins cutting)

Me: (Phew! Peace and quiet at last!)

Haircut Woman: So! How about that weather, huh?

Me: (Aaaaaaah! Panic mode! Abort conversation however possible!)  Oh, I’m terribly sorry, I have a rare disease that prevents me from talking and getting my hair cut at the same time.

Haircut Woman: (Makes a mental note to write down on her Tumblr tonight about the horrible classist sexist white guy she met today who refused to even talk to her just because she was a haircutter and not some sort of bigshot white person like him) That’s all right. Anyway, is this the right way of doing the edges, or should I re-edgify them further?

Me: Uh, no, that’s fine.

Haircut Woman: And should I do the sideburns with a parabolic hypercut, or the New Guinea sinusoidal wave cut?

Me: Uh, whichever you prefer.

Haircut Woman: You know, I think your hair would look really good if I did the back in a sort of truncated icosahedral pattern, is that all right? Or do you want something more irregular?


Haircut Woman: Well, okay.

(the Haircut Woman clips for a few minutes, then hands me a mirror)

Me: Whatever.

Leather Weather

Hot pant styles you need in your closet

Leather pants are a cold weather necessity. Their thick material keeps you warm, plus nothing looks better with a chunky sweater or an oversized coat than sleek black, smooth fabric. From sexy to slouchy, see how models like Rosie Huntington-Whiteley and Alessandra Ambrosio wear their leather bottoms and shop our favorite pieces to get the winter-ready look today.

Leather Leggings

For a sexy, slimming approach to a leather pant, go for a legging. Take a note from Olivia Palermo and wear your cropped leggings with a sweater coat and classic loafers for an easy, big city look. Or try something retro-inspired like Rosie’s airport style with a ribbed sweater, overcoat, fedora and pants tucked into booties. 

Rosie Huntington-Whiteley at LAX wearing green leather leggings by The Row.

Olivia Palermo in NYC wearing leather leggings

Blogger Style Spectra wearing Zara faux leather pants.

External image
Style Spectra wearing Zara faux leather pants.“ src="https://68.media.tumblr.com/49bd7fd8af5b766657f6944643a659a2/tumblr_newl0fceiz1r5clboo1_500.jpg&rdquo;&gt;</strong> </p> <p> <a href="http://t.umblr.com/redirect?z=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.wantering.com%2Fallsaints-elm-leather-jean%2Fao2JJ%2F%3Futm_source%3Dblog%26utm_medium%3Dproduct-link%26utm_content%3Dleather-weather%26utm_campaign%3Drp-article&t=ZTE0OTYwMzVkMmY0ZjQ1Yzg4ZDE5ZTRlNzBlMTEzMDkxZGE4OWFiYSwxZEFEenhwTw%3D%3D&b=t%3ABU9Hbora1Hz6zG-lloOZZA&p=http%3A%2F%2Fblog.wantering.com%2Fpost%2F102411303951%2Fleather-weather&m=0" target="_blank">Elm Leather Jean

Daria Legging

Warehouse Faux Leather Leggings

Front Zip Leather Legging

Moto Leather Pant

Off Duty Leather Pants

Leather Trousers

For a more relaxed, comfortable take on the leather pant, try a leather trouser. They’re slouchy and have that tomboy look. Wear your pants with a band tee like model Alessandra Ambrosio or drape a coat over a turtleneck in a cropped version with ankle boots like blogger Camille Over the Rainbow.

Model Alesandra Ambrosio in Isabel Marant leather trousers.

Blogger Camille Over the Rainbow at London Fashion Week Fall 2014 in H&M leather trousers.

Blogger Edgify Me wearing Theory leather trousers. 

External image
Edgify Me wearing Theory leather trousers. " src=“http://31.media.tumblr.com/62a856b01b872d21f746cecbac022e44/tumblr_newl0kiPh71r5clboo1_500.jpg”>

Faux Leather Trouser

Faux Leather Trousers

Leather Trousers

Straight-fit leather trousers

**Leather Trousers by Marques'Almeida X Topshop

Jet leather trousers

If It's Not Baroque, Please Fix It

I’ve been digging the Boroque movement for some time now. The fire was lit when Olivier Rousteing’s (Balmain) fall collection hit the runway and I belted out a fabulous opera rendition of Backstreet Boys’ “You are…my fire, my one…desire.” I actually sounded better than Bocelli. No I didn’t, but I sometimes wish I did. The collection was a rock n roll remix of the Boroque trend. With boxy silhouettes and black leather accents paired with ornate beading and faberge patterns, I couldn’t get enough. 

Now, more than ever the craving to boroque-ify has struck and I think it has something to do with the holiday spirit. 5th Avenue is practically shouting at you “Get festive, OR ELSE.”  Still not on board the Boroque train? Here’s some magtastic inspo for ya:

Ornate detailing, brocade, lace, velvet, black and gold, it’s like the holiday season came to life…ON THEIR BODEHS.

Now how can I edgify the baroque look, you may ask. To that I say, it’s all about juxtaposition. Don’t take it too literally. Choose one element that speaks to you - lace, velvet, gold, brocade - and mix it with something unexpected like chambray, white jeans, colored leather, a baseball cozy cap, wedge kicks and/or a gingham bow tie. Play with it till you start doing the mirror dance and BAM, you’re baroque-ified. 

2013 Trendsetter Holiday Wrap-Up

Leading up to the 2013 holiday season, we chatted with some of the amazing Wantering Trendsetters we met this year. Some are models, some are designers, some are fashion bloggers, but all are immensely creative and talented in their fields. Their sense of style inspired our team and Wanterers all over the world. As we wrap up the year, we find out what made these marvellous trendsetters excited for the holidays, what was on top of their fashion wish lists, and what their 2014 style resolutions are. Read on, take a peek inside their fashion-fascinated minds, share their laughs, and get inspired.

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